Colorado Pot Shops Do $1 Million in Cash or Bitcoin on First Day of Business

Pot Leaf WikimediaThis week has been a long-awaited time for stoners in the state of Colorado. Since it’s now legal to smoke marijuana legally in the state, a slew of pot shops have opened their doors today to clients.

Approximately 24 shops have thus far opened, a majority of which located in Denver. But since banks are a bit iffy on the whole idea of transacting pot sales, well, consumers will have to stick to cash — or bitcoin. At least one shop is known to accept the digital currency.

But if you think cash and bitcoin only is a hurdle, it most certainly isn’t. New reports coming out indicate that these pot shops have together managed to sell $1 million USD of pot in a single day.

It’s pretty incredible when you think about it, especially since bitcoin sales would technically qualify as revenue going to the state.

Unfortunately, it’s just not clear how much of that $1 million figure was sold in bitcoin — but we’re doing our best to find out. Stick around for additional information. (via 9News)