Is Newegg Inching Toward Accepting Bitcoin?

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Is Newegg Inching Toward Accepting Bitcoin?

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Newegg Bitcoin Tweets

We here at newsBTC don’t like rumors. We don’t like speculation. But something about online retailer Newegg’s tweets is telling a story that may revolutionize how tech enthusiasts acquire their hardware on the web — and we can’t ignore it.

Back in late November, a Twitter user @thedatascape asked the company, “Do you have any plans to add Bitcoin as one of your payment methods?”

The reply was rather simple.

“It’s a possibility, #staytuned :)” the company tweeted. Now, that really doesn’t tell us much. But today, another user asked a similar question. This time around, the company tweeted, “Still waiting for an update, but will let you all know as soon as we receive word!”

We can reasonably deduce that there must be high-level talks of accepting the cryptocurrency at Newegg. The only question is, will it happen? Is Newegg inching toward accepting bitcoin, finally?

Surely, a tech company is aware as to just how popular bitcoin has become, hasn’t it? And with today’s news that Overstock has started accepting bitcoin payments, you could say that the pressure is on for online retailers.

Requests from newsBTC for interviews and more information from the company’s press office have gone unanswered, but we continue to try and push for information, as we always do. But we thought you might find this interesting, if you weren’t already aware.

What do you make of these two tweets? Reasonable evidence or complete overreaction? We want to know what you think!

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  • Spotted Marley
  • Randolph Lee

    The way Overstock handles BTC payments is honestly a risk-free solution. They partner with Coinbase to price BTC relative to the USD price, and convert the BTC payment to USD immediately. This way, price volatility is a non-issue.

    Newegg and other large retailers should probably follow suit. It’s great PR and attracts new customers.

    • Burton

      Merchants accepting it as payment will speed awareness and adoption. As the currency proliferates, it will become held widely enough that it will take a lot more to move the price dramatically and the big swings and volatility will be greatly reduced. Merchants have to take the lead and Coinbase / Bitpay make it possible to do so at minimal risk. In a few years, there may be no risk to holding the proceeds as Bitcoin, instead if converting it back to fiat.