Overstock.com Has Sold $124,000 Worth of Items in Bitcoin in Under 24 Hours

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Yesterday, Overstock.com took us all by surprise by accepting bitcoin about six months before they were originally expected to (Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne told me in an interview last year the integration was to happen in the second half of 2014). It wasn’t long after that we followed up with a report indicating a whopping $10,000 in merchandise had been sold in bitcoin in the matter of about two hours.

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It has since been nearly 24 hours. So where are we now in terms of sales? An Overstock.com spokesperson told newsBTC this morning the company has raked in a massive $124,000 USD worth of items in bitcoin payments as of 11AM Eastern US time. Patrick Byrne has also confirmed this information in a tweet.

That amounts to roughly 780 orders, according to Overstock (one person even spent $2,700 on a patio set) — and the numbers continue to grow. A scan of the bitcoin page on Reddit.com shows a number of users who have purchased from the company in support of bitcoin.

Moving forward, it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how the sales figures continue. Is it the excitement factor or have bitcoiners finally found their one-stop shop?