Gavin Andresen: Expect Bitcoin Core 0.9.1 Release Soon Because of Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug

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Despite the fact that Gavin Andresen just yesterday announced that he was stepping down as the bitcoin core maintainer, it doesn’t mean he has to stop talking about new releases of the software at the core of this technology.

In the wake of the major news that a critical bug in the OpenSSL encryption library has been discovered, the web has been abuzz (as has the bitcoin community). A number of exchanges affected have even started reacting by disabling systems until a fix is in place.

On Tuesday afternoon, Andresen tweeted that the next release of the bitcoin core, 0.9.1, can be expected soon:

The update includes some other fixes for what has been described on GitHub by Wladimir J. van der Laan (the man taking over for Andresen as bitcoin core maintainer) as “minor issues”:

The vulnerability does not affect the bitcoin protocol or wallet. It may affect auxilary usage of TLS in RPC-over-SSL and when fetching payment requests over HTTPS.

Not a big deal, but we are going to release a 0.9.1 that updates OpenSSL (see pull #4023 if you want to test) and fixes some other minor issues from 0.9.0.

Update: the update is now available.

It’s great to see such quick responses, don’t you think?

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