Los Angeles Slated to Get Two Bitcoin ATMs Next Week

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Los Angeles Slated to Get Two Bitcoin ATMs Next Week

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  • Two Robocoin ATMs to debut in Los Angeles
  • To be installed inside Locali Conscious Convenience stores in Venice, Hollywood
  • Operated by ExpressCoin

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The City of Angeles will be receiving two brand-spanking-new bitcoin ATMs come next week, a Los Angeles Times report says.

Manufactured by Las Vegas, Nevada-based Robocoin, these ATMs will be operated by digital currency payments processor ExpressCoin (based out of Santa Monica, California) and installed inside Locali Conscious Convenience stores.

One ATM will be installed at a Venice location (701 Lincoln Blvd.), the other in Hollywood (5825 Franklin Ave.), says Locali owner Melissa Rosen.

Rosen isn’t expecting an influx of customers as a result of the ATM debut, nor do her stores accept bitcoin as a means of payment due to conflicts with the point-of-sale system in-use.

Her stores are, however, looking for a way to accept bitcoin in the near future.

Robocoin ID Checker

Robocoin has seen a slew of ATM debuts all over the world in recent history, a long way from their debut late last year in a Vancouver coffee establishment.

Company CEO Jordan Kelley recently stated in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that his company has received around 100 inquiries from prospective LA-based operators. As such, Robocoin is looking to expand their network of kiosks across Southern California.

Kelley recently announced a new Robocoin product lineup of recyclers, a new platform that turns each Robocoin ATM into a bank branch of sorts, and reduced pricing of their ATM from $20,000 to $15,000 per unit.

Source Los Angeles Times

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