Domain Name Reportedly Acquired For $1.1 Million

BTCcom Domain Center

An interesting report from news website reveals some interesting information with regard to a bitcoin-related domain sale.

Josh Garza of GAWMiners miners told the website that he managed to pick up the domain name for a whopping $1.1 million — a record sale in the bitcoin industry.

Other bitcoin-related domain names have previously gone up for sale, but none have been bought for quite as much as, which is the most commonly used symbol for bitcoin (and it’ll really stink for Garza if the community decides to formally adopt XBT as the symbol).

In February of this year, Niko Younts, an entrepreneur, managed to sell the domain name for a whopping $250,000 (a domain he picked up for $11,000), and said that a similar domain name,, was fetching a similar price.

Domain squatters have found the new and emerging bitcoin industry a gold mine for harvesting potentially valuable domain names, proving it could very well be a big business.

And speaking of domain names, former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles was planning to auction off a valuable domain name he holds, That is until a Seattle judge threw a monkey wrench into the works and blocked the auction due to a complaint from Coinlab, who is suing the company for breach of contract.

As for now, the domain simply displays a web page that says “Something amazing is coming soon.”

I can’t say what that is, because I simply don’t know, but it’ll get off to a very good start with a memorable domain name like

I’ve only got three more letters on the domain name. Where’s my big bucks?