CCEDK Adds New NuShares Trading Pairs

hero-logoDanish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK recently added two new NuShares trading pairs – NSR/EUR and NSR/USD – to its platform.

According to the company’s CEO Ronny Boesing, NuShares’ impressively surging value inspired them to introduce its new fiat-based trading pairs. “We believe NuShares is still only in its early stage, however, with a 5 times increase in value within last month alone it shows such great promise of new heights in coming months,” he stated in an official blogpost. He went on to say:

“We wish to take active part in taking this NuShares train to the moon with NuBits (NBT) – always a dollar as the engine, and is now as the only exchange able to offer an amazing 6 trading pairs of NSR to Crypto BTC, PPC and NBT and NSR to Fiat EUR, USD and CNY. We have established sell and buy walls on all trading pairs to ensure all users the ability to trade immediately.”

According to the latest figures, the NSR/BTC has surged by 75% since its launch; while against US Dollar, the value is roughly up by 30%. The NuBits-based network equity recently acquired people’s attention by escalating impressively at the time when Bitcoin and other altcoins were going through a bearish breakout.

If reports are to be believed, many traders hedged their BTC funds into NBR when the market was bleeding; thus, resulting into a steep climb in NSR/BTC ratio. A reverse trend occurred only when Bitcoin attempted few near-term bullish corrections, where it was noticed that NSR value dropped even more than other altcoins.

Following the CCEDK announcement, NuShares will be able to get purchased/sold for USD and EUR. Anybody wishing to help or support the Nu network can hold NuShares, while the ones looking towards short-term trades now also have expanded access.

Image from NuShares.

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