Luxury Hotel Operator Dorchester Collection Integrates Bitcoin Payments

Dorchester Collection Integrates Bitcoin Payments

Luxuriously renowned hotel operator Dorchester Collection recently integrated Bitcoin payments to their newly launched online store.

The London-headquartered agency owns and operates 10 extravagant hotels across the United States, the UK, France, Switzerland and Italy. Following the launch of the online shop, Dorchester customers will be able to purchase a series of elite products from the hotel’s signature collection before checking out. This collection includes everything from gift cards to general hospitality products, all available for Bitcoin and other payment methods.

Dorchester Collection Integrates Bitcoin Payments

Without a doubt, the announcement has instantly brought the digital currency to an elite limelight, where it will have the opportunity to showcase its benefits to Dorchester’s committed consumer base. For once, it could also help Bitcoin to generate a positive buzz among the travelers which, as many believe, could be the cryptocurrency’s ideal users, given the fact that they are prone to exchanging money or paying excessive ATM charges for spending on a foreign land.

Dorchester, in its press release, also praised Bitcoin for being an innovative payment solution, the reason why they decided to integrate it in their new shopping platform. It meanwhile proclaimed itself as the first in the hospitality industry to activate digital currency payments.

Travel and Bitcoin

While the integration of Bitcoin into the Dorchester Collection seems like a miniature event, it though holds the talent of spreading the digital currency use among tourists. Just like Microsoft and PayPal, Dorchester Collection is a reputable brand among the masses, especially with international travelers. When they get to see a new payment option imprinted on the website of a branded company, it certainly raises the curiosity to know further about it. And when this new option starts to look more convenient than other traditional methods, the digital currency community gains a member.

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