Russia to Host Bitcoin Conference in April

Russia to Host Bitcoin Conference in April. newsbtc

Moscow-based exhibition company Smile-Expo is all set to host a Bitcoin Conference in Russia, an event that will attract participants from government, bank, legal, FinTech and payment sector. The upcoming event aims to discuss the future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in Russia through constructive dialogues and debates.

Russia perhaps is the least friendly country for Bitcoin thanks to its biased announcements against the digital currency in recent times. But the digital currency’s growing popularity among the international circuits have always been a hot topic among the country’s leading finance and tech institutions.


As Smile-Expo noted in its press document, a number of leading Russian companies, which have banking partners outside the country, have always expressed their interests in the blockchain technology. Like their counterparts in western world, they too believe that the technology is able to simplify remittance and record-keeping methods. An excerpt:

“The financial industry experts were able to see the potential of blockchain technology as a decentralized platform for various social projects. It is worth noting that the authorities are not so categorical in their statements with respect to the crypto-systems.”

Smile-Expo said it believes Bitcoin Conference Russia will utilize people’s interest in Bitcoin and blockchain to create a constructive atmosphere for discussion. It also presented the key topics that will going to be discussed in the upcoming conference. They are:

  • block chain in banking system: why is it disruptive?
  • what to expect from the authorities when it comes to Bitcoin?
  • alternative application of blockchain technology (payment systems, retail chains, supply chains etc.)
  • cyber crime: how to avoid fraud?
  • real cases: how Russian companies are working with Bitcoin and block chain technologies

Bitcoin Conference Russia is scheduled to take place on April 8th 2016 at Digital October, Moscow, Bersenevskaya naberezhnaya, 6, str. 3.

For more information, please visit this link.

Image Source: Smile-Expo

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