Creates Innovative Bitcoin Community, E-Commerce and New Bitcoin Lending Platform has multiple features that should satisfy any member of the growing Bitcoin community.

In a digital currency world that is built upon the concept of decentralization, the greater Bitcoin community can seem fractured and remote to even seasoned Bitcoin veterans. Bringing together like-minded Bitcoin users from around the world can be a matter of luck instead of by design, typified by the fact that even Bitcoin’s top leaders have trouble connecting, in times of needed. Is there a place where Bitcoin growing user global base can enjoy a sense of community, free trade and peer-to-peer convenience? BitConnect aims to provide the Bitcoin community the best all-in-one solution of 2016. has multiple features that should satisfy any member of the growing Bitcoin community. When signing into the free members BitConnect platform, My page allows members to chat, gain followers and share Bitcoin content quickly. Acting like a Facebook for Bitcoin users, gain a feedback score, and verification of trust tools for enhanced functionality.

Once a member has established themselves, their user feedback scores open up valuable new site features. Like, buy and sell Bitcoins to other trusted BitConnect members. Read the latest Bitcoin news provided by trusted Bitcoin journalist Evander Smart. Also, members can create their own online Bitcoin store and utilize BitConnect’s new Bitcoin lending platform.

“Unlike conventional P2P bitcoin lending platforms like or, has developed an innovative way to lend your bitcoin with minimum risk,” says BitConnect CFO Vindee. “BitConnect’s platform is a kind of pooled bitcoin fund of community lending, distributed among trusted members in the BitConnect community, so there’s no need for contracts or collateral. No lenders. No debtors. Just a vetted Bitcoin community where everything is simple: one member lends their bitcoin while another recovers their loaned bitcoins and vice versa.”

For more information and to join the growing BitConnect Bitcoin community, go to and sign up for your free membership today.


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