BTCC Launches Bitcoin to USD Exchange

BTCC has launched a new bitcoin to USD exchange.

Originally founded as BTCChina in 2011, the company is arguably one of the largest and longest-running exchanges in digital currency’s history. Among its many offerings are mobile wallets, physical bitcoins, and even mining pools. The platform is headquartered in Shanghai, and lists security as one of its primary goals.

China has proven to be an immovable force behind bitcoin’s success not only in Asia, but also in a global sense. Many analysts and sources agree that bitcoin activity in China is to “blame” for the coin’s recent (and excessive) price jumps. Bitcoin recently hit the $700 mark for the second time this year, and many claim $800 is imminent prior to the start of 2017.

BTCC CEO Bobby Lee states:

“Simply put, BTCC USD Exchange is the most accessible bitcoin exchange ever… We consolidated, crystalized, and applied customer feedback from our five years of operation to create the ideal exchange – one that is easy to use and access, with an intuitive interface that creates an effortless trading experience.”

According to CTO Mikael Wang, the exchange is also lined up to deliver trading pairs and additional order types. He further explains:

“We are working with Blockstream to test and deploy the Liquid sidechain, which will allow traders to move funds between BTCC and other participating exchanges instantly.”

Staying busy, BTCC recently made news with the announcement of its new Mobi wallet at Money 20/20 last week. According to Lee, the wallet allows users to send over 50 different types of currency to anyone with a mobile number. Just think… The worlds of fiat and bitcoin coming together at your fingertips! The company has proven itself in the field of innovation by offering up-to-date applications that, according to executives, are incredible easy to use, as those receiving money don’t even need a Mobi wallet to access their funds. All they need is a simple phone number.

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