Decenter Offers Lifetime 3% Daily Interest on Bitcoin Investments

A newly launched asset management platform is promising to offer clients a lifetime 3% daily interest on their initial Bitcoin investments., as the Telegram-based platform is titled, is promoted under the flagship of Decentralised Investment Management. As the name suggests, the investment venture is completely decentralised, i.e. it is fully automated where no human intervention is allowed. The feature appears as a relief against the highly centralised HYIP companies, where a central authority dictates the term of withdrawals and profits to all the clients.

The 3% daily return for the lifetime appears as another standalone feature of Decenter. Never before such an extended ROI scheme has been introduced, while the longevity of this one looks promising, thanks to the methods using which Decenter aims to generate returns.

The platform invests clients’ funds into the series of promising blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Decenter is equipped with one of the best teams of traders and Bitcoin professionals. Their research on a plethora of blockchain projects, followed by the filtration of vapourware and the selection of genuine companies, ensure that clients’ funds are invested only in profit-yielding projects.

“Decenter is creating the missing link between the old and the new economy,” the company added. “Speaking the language of the old economy and acting by the principles of the new one, Decenter’s transparent management will be provided by an EU legislation compliant and regulated service operator.”

Easy Deposits, Easiest Withdrawals 

Decenter is designed to be a completely automatic platform, and the same goes for its withdrawal process. From the time clients’ deposits are made, the platform starts withdrawing funds every 24 hours to clients’ Bitcoin wallet, or to PerfectMoney or Payeer processor — as per the client’s specification. The company confirmed:

“There’s no withdrawal request button because we developed an autonomous system which automatically sends to your payout account the daily interest and referrals commissions with no human factors required.”

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