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Day: March 18, 2017

Slush Pool Feels Developers Should Just Active SegWit Without Further Delay No Comments

It is evident the back-and-forth debate between BU and SegWit is not over by any means. Even though Segregated Witness continues to struggle regarding achieving majority support, some people feel this debate has gone on long enough. Slush pool one of the oldest bitcoin mining pools, feels SegWit need to be activated right now. In the end, a new world of applications and solutions will appear. An i...

Physical Gold is No Longer A Hot Commodity, Opens Up Opportunities For Bitcoin No Comments

Gold is often considered to be the go-to asset during times of financial turmoil. That may no longer be the case, as demand for physical gold is lower than it has ever been. Investors are turning away from physical gold, as well as silver, for some unknown reason. Digital assets are the new hype as of late, which creates new opportunities for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is somewhat s...

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Star Trek Themed Monero Ransomware Makes an Appearance No Comments

The fear of cybercriminals and hackers switching to Monero has come true. The latest Monero ransomware to hit the internet, takes inspiration from the popular science fiction, Star Trek and goes by the name “Kirk” as in Captain James T Kirk of the starship USS Enterprise. A decade ago, the global success of cryptocurrencies would have seemed like something out of a science fiction. But not ...

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Qtum Smart Contracts Platform’s Crowdsale Exceeds Expectations No Comments

Blockchain technology has gained a lot of traction in the recent days as companies across industries are looking into adopting it. The increased demand, followed by innovation in the blockchain sector has given rise to platforms like Qtum. Qtum's innovative smart contracts technology has received validation of consumer demand through its ongoing crowdsale. The month-long Qtum crowdsale, which w...