Day: June 17, 2017

NewsBTC SegWit2x China

Chinese Mining Pools Support SegWit2x and aim for Activation by July 31st No Comments

A lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts are looking forward to August 1st. On this day, we will see the activation of Segregated Witness through the user-activated soft fork. It remains unclear who will effectively support this solution, though. We do know a list has been published regarding companies support SegWit 2x. Interestingly enough, this includes virtually all Chinese mining pools. This group would ...

NewsBTC Central Banks Cryptocurency

Helicopter Money Policy by Central Banks Will Benefit Global Cryptocurrency Adoption No Comments

A lot of people wonder where the sudden interest in cryptocurrencies is coming from. Rising prices certainly help to raise more awareness. However, it appears the global central bank woes are the biggest driving factor right now. Up until recently, demand for Bitcoin was small other than from a  speculative point of view. A recent Federal Reserve decision will drive more people to cryptocurrency ...

ICO, IPO, startups, fundraising, investors

Bancor Raises $153 Million, Creates a New Record in ICO History No Comments

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become the most preferred way for startups and businesses, especially the ones in cryptocurrency industry to raise the necessary funds for product development and marketing. Unlike angel and VC funding, ICOs are open to the public, allowing them to contribute as much as they wish. The community will also act as the jury and decides whether the project is fit to r...

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CoinPayments to Compensate XRP Holders next Week No Comments

CoinPayments, the multi-cryptocurrency merchant payment, and online wallet service have updated its users about the steps taken to recover stolen Ripple tokens and compensate the affected parties. The update email was sent out to its customers earlier today, about a week after the loss of XRP tokens from its hot wallet was reported. The latest email offers more details about the June 5, 2017, i...

NewsBTC SatoshiDice Scam Allegation

NewsBTC Exclusive Interview with iDice Founder Jordan Wong No Comments

Jordan Wong is having a busy day at work. The game developer is only a few days away from launching the ICO campaign of his game project, iDice. Our knowledge of this new project is very little, but we have a certain understanding about its possible outcome. An Ethereum project - in fact, one of the many Ethereum projects - which is proposing to "revolutionize" gambling with decentralized smart co...