Day: July 22, 2017

NewsBTC ACINQ Android Wallet

Bitcoin Users can Access the Lightning Network via new Android Wallet Released by ACINQ No Comments

Enthusiasts of the Bitcoin Lightning Network will be pleased with ACINQ right now, The company is releasing an Android Wallet for the  Lightning Network on the Bitcoin testnet. Although this still means the concept is in the  testing stage, it is a big step in the right direction. With SegWit activation drawing closer, now is a good time to look toward the future. Making the Lightning Network us...

NewsBTC Venezuela Inflation

Inflation in Venezuela Reaches Alarming Heights, but is Bitcoin the Answer? No Comments

It is evident the inflation in Venezuela is reaching troublesome heights. The country has been dealing with financial turmoil for quite some time now. Mismanagement of funds and a government incapable of improving things are some of the contributing factors. Bitcoin can make a positive impact in Venezuela, even though the local government is rather oppressive when it comes to cryptocurrency. An in...

viabtc, bitcoinabc, bitcoin, bip148

ViaBTC Creates BCC/CNY Pair, Prepares for Eventual BitcoinABC Fork No Comments

The Bitcoin community has been experiencing lots of uncertainty in the past few months, thanks to the discord between the development community and others regarding scalability solutions. The attempt to activate SegWit and its opposition with an alternative solution by the rival camp threatened to fork Bitcoin into two separate cryptocurrencies, while rest of the community braced for disruption of...

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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Now the Largest Blockchain Consortium No Comments

Even since the potential uses of blockchain technology started gathering attention, many entities have begun joining forces to create consortiums and working groups to further explore the technology. Over the past few years, Ethereum has gained prominence as a reliable protocol to enable the creation of seamless, flexible blockchain solutions. When some of the heavyweights from various industry...’s Mining Pool Registers Exponential Growth No Comments

Bitcoin mining is a very competitive industry as miners worldwide are verifying transactions while securing the network for economic incentives. takes mining seriously with its world-class mining pool as well as offering the best cloud mining contracts in the industry. In the last quarter alone in partnership with a large confidential North America-based data center has pur...


Olga Feldmeier: The Ethereum Parity Security Breach Is a Cause of Concern No Comments

Parity, one of the forerunners of smart contract coding suffered security breach this week. As confirmed by 150,000 ethers, worth $30 million, have been stolen. On different media there was discussion going on about the targeted attack: Edgeless Casino, Swarm City, and æternity – three ICO projects built on Ethereum as suggested by Manual Araoz. I am deeply concerned about th...