Panama’s Blockchain-Based Prime-Ex Perpetual Announces Pre-ICO Sale Round

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Prime-Ex Perpetual proposes to disrupt the real estate sector by simplifying the way homebuilding, home buying and home financing can be executed.

The Prime-Ex Perpetual project recently announced the launch of its upcoming crowdfunding round. The pre-ICO will begin September 18, 2017, at 17:00 GMT, providing first participants the chance to receive bonus PEX Tokens.

The project has garnered massive response soon after the release of their whitepaper.  The company received 10,000 Facebook likes in the first 18 hours after their announcement.  

Prime-Ex Perpetual proposes to disrupt the real estate sector by simplifying the way homebuilding, home buying and home financing can be executed. It introduces PEX as a blockchain asset to settle real-estate transactions within the synergistic system, as well as to reward PEX holders with dividends.

“Our commitment is to distribute 80% of our profits to all token holders,” the Prime-Ex Perpetual whitepaper reads. “We will also incentivize buyers to pay mortgages using PEX tokens by means of mortgage rate discount, effectively creating demand for PEX on a monthly basis.”

In his conversation with NewsBTC, John Gilbert, CEO, and co-founder of Prime-Ex Perpetual stressed on developing a real estate ecosystem where every participant can benefit, not just the home builders and finance. He mentioned Prime-Ex Perpetual as the only global real estate project where buyers benefit from its success.

“Our home buyers win the most if they pay their mortgages with PEX-Tokens, and they use the savings on their mortgage payment to buy more PEX-Tokens.  They become our PEX-Token holders, and they share proportionally along with other PEX-Token holders in 80% profit distributions.  What other real estate company offers that?  Everybody wins.”

The Prime-Ex Perpetual project’s pre-ICO round appears to be a great opportunity for real estate enthusiasts and investors alike. The company plans to initially issue a total of 750,000 incentives PEX-Tokens. Participants will be given additional bonuses depending on the week of their purchase. Here is an image of the bonus breakdown:

So, for instance, if a participant purchases 1000 PEX during the second week of the Pre-ICO round, they will be paid 1000 x 10% = 1,100 PEX-Tokens, which includes 100 PEX tokens in bonus.

Learn more about Prime-Ex Perpetual at, or follow them on Facebook at

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