Cryptocurrency Conference in Geneva to Discuss All the Details of Investing in ICO

February 21, 2018, for the first time, Switzerland (Geneva) will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland. The event is dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as to ICO – the cryptocurrency crowdsales.

The conference participants’ will focus on the features of crypto economics, investment in the blockchain, data protection using cryptography and topical mining issues. Particular attention will be paid to ICO: the issue will be covered in one of the reports of the first conference block (differences between ICO and venture financing) and in a panel discussion, describing the regulation of taken sales and strong indications of scam projects.

Invited experts

Leading Swiss experts in investment, finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain will present at the conference:

Valdo Petronio, Wealth and Asset Manager Solutions, an investment expert. Report of Mr. Petronio will be dedicated to effective investment in alternative currencies.

Enrique Melero, Senior Consultant at Helvetia Fintech: fintech expert with significant experience, implementing blockchain-based solutions for the company clients. His report will cover the issue of blockchain economy.

[Douglas Azar, CEO at Wealthinitiative, blockchain enthusiast and expert in investments (including those in art). He will tell how investments in non-banking assets (including ICO tokens) open up new horizons for the investors.

The conference will feature foreign speakers as well: international experts in decentralized technologies. They include Karolina Marzantowicz, IBM Distinguished Engineer, who will tell about blockchain potential for the digital economy, Alexey Antonov, CFO at SONM, revealing the topic of investments in blockchain from the veteran’s point of view, while Kir Kelevra, Head of Trading Wavesplatform will cover the cryptocurrency trading issues.

Other conference activities

In addition to speakers’ reports and panel discussions, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland will feature an exhibition of innovative applications and programs. Developers of blockchain-based software will present their projects on the exhibition stands. Producers of mining farms, bitcoin ATMs and other equipment for blockchain infrastructure are invited as well.

All exhibitors will tell about their projects in the format of a pitch session (a series of short presentations). This format is convenient for investors, allowing them to see all the projects and choose the most promising ones.


The conference is a part of a series of conferences organized by the event company Smile-Expo around the world. In 2017, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is held in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus and several other countries. Experts at conferences are international experts on decentralized technologies, including well-known politicians and developers of innovative solutions on blockchain.


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland will be held in Grand Hotel Kempinski — a luxury hotel in the center of Geneva, having a panoramic view of the city and Lake Geneva.

It is expected that the conference will bring together over 300 attendees and 12 speakers.

Learn more about the event on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland –

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Eticket4, the p2p-marketplace for tickets for sports, music and theater events for participants of the secondary market, announces the launch of Pre ICO on January 30, 2018, to attract investment for development and international scaling. For these purposes, the company will release tokens ET4.

Details of selling ET4 tokens

Initially, 30 million tokens will be released. Throughout the sale period, the price of one ET4 token is 1/1000 ETH. However, bonuses are provided. So, a private offer for investors, within which a preliminary closed sale will be held on January 30, provides bonuses of 40%. Many investors have already confirmed their participation in the private offer.

Pre ICO also starts on January 30 and will last until February 21. Totally planned to sell 3 million tokens during the pre-ICO.

The ICO start is scheduled for February 27 and will last four weeks. Under the terms of the smart contract, unsold tokens will be burned. Based on the results of private and public proposals, the maximum amount to the collection is the amount of 13,800 ETH. Tokens can be purchased using the currencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Discounts on tickets: why ET4 tokens are needed

ETicket4 already shows an average monthly growth rate of 2-3%, so the tokens are provided with real, rather than speculative liquidity.

The function of the tokens in the ecosystem of Eticket4 depends on the role of the token-holder. It can be an event organizer, a ticket broker or an ordinary ticket buyer. Thus, with the balance of more than 10,000 ET4 tokens, the event organizer is given the opportunity through the smart contracts to regulate the secondary ticket market for its activities issued on the blockchain platform: to limit resale or to set the ticket’s limit price, and to receive a fee from secondary transactions.

Ticket brokers balance of 1000 tokens ET4 allows, among other things, to gain access to advanced analytics and ticket price forecasts.

Ordinary customers can buy a ticket for any event on the ETicket4 platform for tokens – in this case, the fee will be up to 2%, whereas when paying with fiat money, the fee today can reach 30%.

Finally, ET4 tokens allow to pay up to 20% of the cost of any ticket and up to 30% of the ticket price for international major events, such as the World Cup.

About Eticket4 company

Eticket4 was founded in 2015 by Russian-Israeli businessmen Daniil Kruchinin and Dmitry Fedorovich. In September 2016, the platform was launched in all cities of Russia – the company was the first p2p-marketplace in Russia, which sells tickets on the secondary market. In 2017, the main event for ETicket4 was FIFA Confederation Cup, which was held in Russia: then the platform was successfully launched in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Over 60 thousand tickets were sold through the platform during this period.

At the end of 2017, ETicket4 registered more than 3,500 ticket brokers, and the annual turnover of the company was more than $ 2 million. In parallel, the company developed and launched analytical tools for ticket brokers, as well as an open two-way API for integration with partner companies. Now the project team plans to implement blockchain technology, which will expand the functionality of the platform and increase its transparency.


Official site:
Official project’s ICO:
Contacts for investors: [email protected]
Contacts for press: [email protected]


Mastering some of the forces that affect your business can be pivotal to your company’s overall performance. The extent to which you as an entrepreneur can control them differs both internally and externally. Let’s consider the internal business environment which impacts the success and approach to operations of your business from within. Call it “the enemy within”, but unlike external factors, you have control over these factors. It only makes sense for you to recognize the opportunities that can improve your day-to-day operations while eliminating threats. One such avenue could be the newly developed blockchain technology, which is used to manage the strength of cryptocurrencies.

For instance, CoinMarketBrasil, with the ICO scheduled for 2nd February 2018 – is a database security company that operates in the field of “crypto-active and information security”, providing payments and receipt systems for cryptocoins and tokens while supporting the implementation of security and business competitiveness based on blockchain technologies. CoinMarketBrasil will provide smart solutions to business looking to go smart. Using blockchain technology, the company will offer a decentralized system for business project operations, which can be deployed within existing ERP systems while adding database security and implementing managed blockchain services.

CoinMarketBrasil is working on promoting a crypto-active market in Brazil by creating solutions that could eliminate problems related to payments, receipts of accounts, poorly programmed ERP systems, communications failure—both within organizations and external customers and other security failures. In order to do so, the platform provides elaborate plans for scheduling business activities, including financial data handling to modernize the existing processes and making it ready to tackle the upcoming era of modern quantum computing, which otherwise could pose a risk to current systems.

Not only will CoinMarketBrasil reduce the number of internal problems encountered by a number of companies, but also introduce these companies to the decentralized way of doing business. By decentralizing the system, CoinMarketBrasil will ensure that no undue charges, money laundering schemes, diversions, and legal irregularities come up throughout the project created with the support of the technology offered. The company will have a portal for payments and receipts of account and contracts, where it will be mandatory to define the stakeholders and personnel responsible for such documents, in some cases, someone will be required to approve once they have been notified. This will be enforced within the CoinMarketBrasil ecosystem using smart contracts defined during the early stages of the company.

With its ICO set to begin on the 2nd of February 2017, CoinMarketBrasil will be placing their tokens on the market for future system users. The generated tokens can be used for ticket payments, used in place of bank deposits, conversion to balance in several other cryptocurrencies using its own exchange platform, which is available both as a mobile application and a desktop application. The platform will also provide two wallets – BI-Wallet (Business Intelligence Wallet) and U-Wallet (SI-Simplified) for the storage and the management of its tokens. The Business Intelligence Wallet will offer resources to companies while U-Wallets will have standard cryptographic features.

More information about the platform and the upcoming CMB token sale is available at –

Media Contact

Contact Info: [email protected]

BCDiploma thanks the entire BCDiploma community who contributed to the success of the presale: 64% of the hard cap was reached on January 18th!

BCDiploma is presenting a breakthrough proposition by making the best of Ethereum to offer a world-beating one-click diploma and data certification service.

Real use case, huge potential for every kind of data: BCDiploma is going to change the lives of millions of people by revolutionizing access to academic and administrative credentials. The global standard for data certification will be accessible in a single click!

We are pleased to announce that the Round 1 of the BCDiploma’s ICO is live and will ends January 21th, 23:00 CET (22:00 UTC). Round 1 offers a 10% bonus.

This is a unique opportunity to join a low cap and “ready to go” project:

  • Breakthrough technology
  • The partners are ready to work and deploy our solution
  • Compliant with the GDPR


So, are you in? Round 1 ends January 21th!

Here’s everything you need to know about BCDiploma’s Round 1:

Any questions? The BCDiploma team is available on Telegram

More information –
Check BCDiploma Whitepaper
Follow BCDiploma on Twitter

 Media Contact

Contact Name: Raphael Frayssinet
Contact email: [email protected]

The realm of blockchain industry is growing in full pelt. So long as the vast majority hadn`t previously realized the pros of it, at the moment some of shops, services and venues open the new horizons for business by accepting the payments in crypto-currency. Straight away lots of various platforms and digital tokens are in business, wide scale of new crypto-currencies are springing up. However, one cannot help but notice a mishmash here and there in the field.

Users of the crypto industry believe that it is necessary to create a single platform on which it would be possible to pay with crypto-currencies and carry out targeted actions.

Certain problems and inconveniences exist not only for users. Investors need to find an ICO at their own risk, without getting into the trouble of fake and scam projects. And even if the ICO is ultimately successful, it doesn`t mean that the project itself will be successful.

There is a way out!

The creators of the Vestarin project are working on the development of a unique platform. Hundreds of services and trading platforms, which accept payment in cryptocurrency, will be united together in one app. The whole world of the blockchain industry is right in your pocket!

These days developers of the platform announced the date of the Pre-ICO, which will be held from January, 30 to February 28, 2018. At a special price only 15.000.000 VST will be released, so Vestarin cannot guarantee that there will be enough tokens for everyone. Pre-ICO will be held on the principle of “first come, first served”. VST tokens will appear in contributors wallets instantly after contribution.

At the moment, the development of the initial phase of the functional platform is adequately funded. However, a successful Pre-ICO will help expand the team’s staff and accelerate the development process of the platform. Thus, developers will be able to guarantee the release of the prototype before the official ICO. In addition, extra funds will help to conduct a large advertising campaign, which contributes to the accelerated formation of a single large community.

Join us right now at

The largest B2B & B2C event Forex & Money EXPO organized by FINEXPO is going to take place on October 25-26, 2018 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. This event pretends to become the biggest world Financial Expo-Forum covering Financial and FX Trading Industry with experienced speakers and well-known exhibitors.

Forex & Money EXPO claims the role of the most favorable way to build up the business connections and widen industrial knowledge as it is expected to welcome over 50 speakers and 5000 attendees from all over the world.

The event is coming in about 10 months but the line of speakers already sounds impressive. Here you can see Mario Singh – CEO at Fullerton Markets, Kathy Lien – co-founder of, Cornelius Luca – founder of LGM, LCC, Karen Foo – financial trader and motivational speaker, Thomas Yin – founder of Online Guru Trader, Collin Seow – founder of The Systematic Trader and TradersGPS and Spencer Li – founder and head trainer at Synapse Trading.

The event has already become popular among leading financial companies, so USGFX Australian Forex Marketplace joined as a Grand Sponsor. RPNPay became Forex & Money EXPO Official Payment Sponsor and NordFX – international Forex broker joined as an exhibitor.

As FINEXPO is the first and most influential financial event and fair producing company in the world since 2002 and its history of the organized events counts over 30 000 traders, investors and financial advisors with more than 3 000 financial companies and brokers on Stock, Option, Forex, Bond and Forward markets Forex & Money EXPO promises to become one of the greatest traders events in Asia.

Crypto EXPO Asia goes live on October 25-26, 2018 and Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre hosts the world of blockchain and bitcoins for two days straight. Another outstanding show organized by FINEXPO is going to take place and promises to become a success as crypto world gained its popularity worldwide. Crypto EXPO Asia will be held alongside another huge event at the same place and the same time – Forex & Money EXPO.

Both shows are planning to welcome about 50 speakers and over 3000 attendees throughout two days. Crypto EXPO Asia space will be filled with exhibitor booths, bars and seminar halls where everyone will get an opportunity not only build the network but explore the phenomena of crypto world itself and get more concrete and detailed information. The two-day event will include not only large exhibition, panels and diversity of discussions but entertaining magic shows, lucky draws, fantastic prizes, live performances and AfterParty as well.

Meetings with the best crypto experts and leading ICO/BTC companies are the unique opportunity available for every visitor. The diversity of topics in seminar halls is quite impressive and includes ICO and White Paper projects, digital AD, PR and marketing in blockchain, ICO due diligence, global capital markets, ICO, blockchain and crypto-currency future, etc.

Crypto EXPO Asia has to become one of the most attractive crypto shows – the best way to build business connections and widen crypto knowledge. To become a part of this experience you should complete the registration procedure on the official website. Each registered user will be provided with the access to the world of trading.

Organizer of this show is FINEXPO – first and most influential financial event and fair producing company in the world since 2002 and its history of the organized events counts over 30 000 traders, investors and financial advisors with more than 3 000 financial companies and brokers on Stock, Option, Forex, Bond and Forward markets.

The FLOGmall team is happy to announce the successful completion of its ICO PreSale, during which the target soft cap was reached.  Currently, over 500 thousand dollars, or 387 ETH, has been raised from 26 investors. The PreSale phase took place from December 14, 2017, to January 14, 2018, with a Mallcoin exchange rate of 6000 MLC to 1 ETH.

What Is Mallcoin?

FLOGmall has introduced an open-source cryptographic token, Mallcoin. Mallcoin is a cryptocurrency that will be able to be used as payment in the FLOGmall platform. The token will be used as a payment unit for all transactions in the FLOGmall system and as a basis for interaction with other digital services.
Mallcoin is a limited-edition token. It is not a subject to long-term inflation. Mallcoin tokens are equivalent and translatable. A plan is in the works to trade Mallcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges.

FLOGmall’s primary and most attractive innovation for its participants is the built-in automatic token exchange system (ATES) for Mallcoin. The system is simple and transparent, with an internal token exchange rate, as well as a clear algorithm for trading tokens between the platform’s buyers and sellers.

The functionality of this service is partially similar to an internal mutual commitment service. An automatic token exchange happens in return for beneficial activity on the platform.

When buying FLOGmall tokens at the pre-ICO or ICO phase, a user who wants to become a token holder receives a significant discount on purchasing them. Once the primary ICO has concluded, the platform will initiate the monetization process by providing additional services and functionality. The platform will make a commitment that the token exchange rate in the ATES will be higher than the rate during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Token holders will gain an access to the ATES after the platform launch. They can use the ATES to exchange the tokens they received during the ICO phases both with sellers and other users of the platform’s services. In this way FLOGmall will share the platform’s revenue with token holders from day one. Token holders can also sell their tokens to any user who sees a potential for token growth as a result of the token being issued on the exchanges in the near future.

ICO Phases

The next phase will be the Pre-ICO, which will be conducted on the FLOGmall platform and a crowdfunding platform from February, 22 up till March 8, 2018. The soft cap for this phase is set at $2.5 million, and the Mallcoin exchange rate will be 3000 MLC to 1 ETH.
Next is the ICO phase, which will take just three weeks. It will be conducted from March, 22 up till April 12, 2018, with a soft cap target of $5 million. The Mallcoin exchange rate will be 2000 MLC to 1 ETH.
Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies can be used to participate in the ICO.



The current plan is to issue 250,000,000 Mallcoin tokens (MLC). The Mallcoin sale price is pegged to Ethereum and will change from one sale phase to the next. This means that as the Ethereum exchange rate rises, so does the Mallcoin exchange rate, and vice versa. For the convenience of ICO participants, the approximate USD value of Mallcoin will be displayed, automatically recalculated based on the current value of Ethereum as of the current date.

About the Project

FLOGmall is an international e-commerce platform created for users from around the world who buy and sell various goods and services with tokens. As of now, there no real analogues to this service. Stores will be displayed on FLOGmall in a new, unique format called LiveStore. The “live store” is a combination of blog and video content about sellers, stores, goods, and services.

When working with FLOGmall, sellers will no longer need expensive marketing. FLOGmall makes it easy for them to create their own marketing campaigns to directly attract buyers.

Meanwhile, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase mass-market goods for cryptocurrency. Various electronics, appliances, clothing, and other day-to-day items will now be available to token holders.

New directions for services including real estate (renting, sales), digital marketing, financial services are planned to develop.


A well-known expert in the field of cryptocurrencies David Drake and highly skilled banking executive with many years of experience Ilya Zibarevhave joined Connectius.  These masters will act as advisers of the international startup team Connectius with Russian background.

The Сonnectius project is a SaaS-solution for electronic commerce based on blockchain technology, one of the basic tasks of which is to fight online fraud while making online payments for goods on trading platforms.

Integration of innovative solutions to the existing e-trading platforms, such as securing of any transactions by means of smart contracts and arbitration for dispute resolutions will allow reducing the number of fraudulent transactions without the presence of a card and the unfair abolition of transactions.

At the time of writing of this article, the team is working hard on the testing of the alpha version of their own trading platform, mobile application, which is designed to demonstrate a Connectius idea as a universal decision. Besides they are busy with preparation for official beta-version release of this product, which is planned for the last decade of January.

David Drake, through his family office, LDJ Capital, has acted as GP & LP investor with his partners in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds and hedge funds. Mr. Drake’s investments currently have 50+ global directors which span across institutions and family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Mr. Drake’s access to 100,000 investors is maintained through his media asset, The Soho Loft Media Group, which has produced and sponsored over 1100+ finance conferences since 2002, such as events with institutional media leader, Thomson Reuters and sponsors from Nasdaq, NYSE, KKR, and the Carlyle Group. LDJ Special Situations partners have invested $100 Million in Alibaba and Palantir.

As David’s main objectives, the founders see the project development by attracting highly qualified experts and specialists to the team, a partner base developing, and building trust relationships with the potential token-holders.

“I am glad to join this ambitious and promising project as an adviser. The blockchain technology integration into the e-commerce market will be able to take the fight against fraud to a new level and significantly reduce this aspect of costs that affect the pricing of market offers,” said David Drake.

Ilya Zibarev came to a decision to support the project as a strategic adviser and business consultant both at the time of ICO and after its ending.  Ilya Zibarev’s     primary objective is advising of the project in the main vectors of its development and help in crowdfunding.

Ilya Zibarev, a highly qualified expert having 8 years of experience working in executive positions in Alfa-Bank JSC, the largest private bank in Russia and the seventh largest bank in volume of assets, ex-chairman of board of the “Russkiy Standart” bank and one of the leaders on the credit card market, said: “”Connectius draw my attention primary by its ambitious plans to reduce the level of online frauds. Contrary to many other startups Connectius has real benefits and already functioning alfa version of the product, supported by a serious design team, besides its ambitious development plans”.

Startup team in its turn is sure, that experience of such highly qualified specialist as Ilya Zibarev will favor the project not only at the time if ICO, but will also help to choose the corresponding direction in business development.

Let us recall, that at the present moment Connectius Tokens are being actively sold. All terms and detailed information you may find on: Crowdsale will end on the 20th of January 2018.

White Paper, English.:


15 January 2018 – In line with Metaverse’s aim of expanding its global presence and increasing community engagement, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Metaverse Ambassador Program: a comprehensive plan to support a community of driven blockchain enthusiasts and elevate their reach.

Metaverse aims to revolutionize the way financial services and transactions are processed, and confidence is growing among financial institutions that blockchain technologies will ultimately transform how services are conducted, operated and delivered. As an extension of our vision of building a new reality, ambassadors will take the lead in fostering authentic and long-lasting relationships with the Metaverse community globally.

Become an Ambassador

We’re looking for global-minded and regional experts, practitioners, influencers, instigators and innovative and strategic thinkers who are:
– Passionate about Metaverse’s vision and values
– Ready, capable and motivated to nurture awareness about Metaverse and build connections around the world


As an ambassador, you will receive exclusive opportunities to attend meetups, coaching sessions, and webinars that will expand your skills, knowledge base and social network.

Apply to be a Metaverse Ambassador

Join us on our journey towards constructing a new reality! Visit our website at for more information.