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I am a Pediatrician, a bitcoin enthusiast, a cryptocurrency technical analyst, a bitcoin speculator and a seasonal Forex trader. I have been a freelance writer for over 8 years now and have been solely writing about bitcoin and altcoin flipping for over one year. Googling my name “Tamer Sameeh” shall give you a clearer idea about me!!

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Bitcoin Price Inching Further Up – Driving The Bulls Around The Bend? No Comments

Bitcoin price inched further up earlier today to record a high of around $383. Although bitcoin price managed to break the resistance point at 00:00, which corresponded to the line of intersection between the 1 x 1 Gann angle and the 0 Fibonacci retracement level (refer to yesterday's analysis), it dropped below the 1 x 1 Gann angle a few hours after shooting above this key resistance level. Bi...

Bitcoin Price Advancing Indolently.

Bitcoin Price Advancing Indolently – Paralleling The 1×1 Gann Angle No Comments

Bitcoin price rose gradually earlier today to a day high of around $365. As per yesterday's analysis, bitcoin price failed to overcome the resistance corresponding to the point of intersection between the Gann 1x1 Angle and the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level at around 20:00 hours. According to the Gann Angles we plotted yesterday, bitcoin price is expected to face another strong resistance leve...

Bitcoin Price Uptrend Hurdled By The 1 x 1 Gann Angle

Bitcoin Price Uptrend Hurdled By The 1 x 1 Gann Angle No Comments

Bitcoin price dropped today to print a low of around $350. The bullish wave has slowed down after piercing the resistance level at $350. Today's trading volume wasn't as high as yesterday's. It seems that the bulls will not be able to keep bitcoin price supported above $350 for so long, so it is expected to drop below that crucial resistance level within the next 1-2 days. Testing The 1x1 Gan...

bitcoin price advancing steady to 370 dollars

Bitcoin Price Advancing Steadily Towards $370 – Formulating An Atypical Ascending Triangle Pattern No Comments

Bitcoin price rose to a high of around $365 earlier today, which is $5 short of yesterday's high. Despite failure to print a higher high today, bitcoin price is still advancing along the new upward sloping trend line that we spotted yesterday. If the market's bulls succeed at sustaining the current buying volume, we can expect the $370 resistance level to be tested within the next 24 hours. Dec...

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Airbrushing Your Bitcoin Transactions – Bitcoin Mixers and CoinJoin No Comments

Although bitcoin addresses are composed of randomly generated hexadecimal characters, which are unrelated to one's id, anyone can see each and every transaction on the public ledger, so the flow of bitcoins from an address to another along the blockchain is visible to everyone. Solely, the hexadecimal characters of a given address can never be used to identify the person using it to send or receiv...

bitcoin price rubberband effect

Bitcoin Price Soaring Into The Sun – A Rubber Band Effect? No Comments

Bitcoin price skyrocketed earlier today to print a high of around $370. Just like we predicted along yesterday's analysis, bitcoin price soared right after bypassing the resistance level at $330.1. The price surged to breach the resistance at $350, before dropping below it as bitcoin is now trading at $347. New Uptrend On The 1 Hour Charts: Let's examine the 1 hour (BTC/USD) charts from Bitsta...

goofiest things to buy with bitcoin

The Goofiest Items To Buy With Bitcoin – Hardy Har Har!! No Comments

The past few days were so tense for me and NewsBTC, so I decided to choose a light topic that can put a smile on our readers' faces. As bitcoin, is the world's top anonymous online currency, you can use it to buy the weirdest things ever. Moreover, most fraudsters prefer to sell their scams for bitcoin, because it is rather difficult to trace transactions along the blockchain. I looked through th...

bitcoin price. illustration.

Bitcoin Price Inquesting Resistance – Elliot Wave Supercycle Completed No Comments

Bitcoin price started rising today to print a high that is a few cents short of $328 on Bitstamp. Since the 17th of November, bitcoin price has been dropping and scoring lower lows each day, on most of the past 10 days. Nevertheless, the downtrend seems to have started fading already, especially with the completed Elliot 5 Wave pattern that we can spot on the 1 hour charts. 5 Elliot Waves On th...

crypto trading, NewsBTC trading room

We Make Decent Lettuce Via Bitcoin !! – Launching NewsBTC’s Live Trading Room No Comments

We have just completed designing and building NewsBTC's Live Trading Room, which will be live for all of our readers within the next week. NewsBTC's Live Trading Room, as the name implies, will be a cryptocurrency live trading room that will include a webinar platform that will be used to execute live cryptocurrency trades. We will trade Bitcoin for Fiat; trade altcoins for BTC (altcoin flipping)...

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DDoS Epidemic Hits Bitcoin News Websites No Comments

Last week, some of the top bitcoin news site services were down for some time. At the time of writing of this article our competitor, Cryptocoinsnews (CCN), has been down for more than 5 hours with 522 and/or 525 page errors loading for users attempting to visit their site. I tried contacting the guys at CCN asking them about why their site was down, but they refused to give me any clues. However,...