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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 16/4/2015 – Momentum Shifting

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 16/4/2015 – Momentum Shifting No Comments

At the beginning of the April 15 session, we noted a bullish divergence in bitcoin, in the 1H chart. This is when price makes lower lows and the RSI makes higher lows. This does not always signal a reversal, but it reflects a slowdown in the bearish momentum and can often lead to some degree of consolidation if not bullish correction. Bitcoin (BTCUSD) 1H Chart April 16 (click to enlarge) The 1H...

Bitcoin Price Watch Range Break

Bitcoin Price Watch; When will this Range Break? No Comments

A little earlier on this morning, we published our bitcoin price watch piece. The article highlighted the current range action we were seeing in the bitcoin price, and suggested a couple of key levels that we would be watching to help us form a bias throughout the day. Now action has matured during the European session, and we are heading towards the start of the US afternoon open. This said, wha...

Bitcoin Price Watch – What We Are Watching

Bitcoin Price Watch – What We Are Watching No Comments

Action in the bitcoin price has been volatile to say the least over the last few weeks, but we seem to have entered a 48-hour period of calm during the last couple of days during which – following a sharp decline on Monday night, we have seen nothing but pretty flat range action coupled with the odd invalidated breakout. From a trading perspective, this makes things difficult, as without any su...

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Dash Technical Analysis for 15/4/2015 – Dullness Prevails No Comments

Dash is testing the patience of short-term market participants with its extremely thin consolidation range. In the past 6 hours, the cryptocurrency has barely moved with the price trapped inside 0.01400-0.01403BTC – this is in no way a tradeable range. However, prolonged consolidation may also mean that the cryptocurrency is forming a base and a recovery is in the offing. Each Dash can currentl...

Dogecoin Price Bullish Correction as Bitcoin price drops

Dogecoin Price Technical Analysis for 15/4/2015 – Unnerving Moves No Comments

Dogecoin has witnessed a powerful display of strength from both sides in the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency soared above the resistance level on the back of strong volume and went on to hit a high of 51.2 satoshis, before the bears made an emphatic comeback to bring the high-flying cryptocurrency back to the ground – each Dogecoin is currently worth 47.2 satoshis. The extreme volatility shoul...

Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 15/4/2015 – Pullback Time

Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 15/4/2015 – Pullback Time No Comments

After a spike down to 1.00 last week, litecoin has been drifting lower. The 1H chart shows the cryptocurrency "chewing up" the tail made by the spike. Litecoin (LTCUSD) 1H Chart April 15 (click to enlarge) Here are some observations on the 1H chart: 1) Price action and the 200-, 100-, and 50-hour simple moving averages reflect a persistent bearish market. 2) The RSI has been tagging below 30 and ...

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 15/4/2015 – Bullish Divergence No Comments

Bitcoin has continued its decline since starting the week with a bearish breakout from the weekend consolidation range seen in the 1H chart. During the April 14th session, price fell to about 216 before the global April 15th session began. As we can see in the 1H chart, there is a bullish divergence between price and the RSI (A bullish divergence occurs when price makes lower lows but the RSI mak...

Bitcoin Price Watch - Coiled Spring

Bitcoin Price Watch – Coiled Spring… No Comments

A little earlier on this morning, shortly before the markets opened in the UK, we published our bitcoin price watch article addressing how we would response to price reaching certain levels throughout Tuesday's European session. The primary focus of the piece was the sharp decline we saw in the bitcoin price overnight on Monday, and the overarching bearish bias – on both a technical and fundamen...

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Bitcoin Price Watch – Bears Holding Firm No Comments

Yesterday afternoon, shortly before the markets closed in the UK, we published our bitcoin price watch piece highlighting the levels we would be keeping an eye on in the BTCUSD as the bitcoin price matured overnight. We've seen some considerable movement throughout this maturity, and our parameters – in terms of levels to watch – have changed. With this said, what happened overnight, and what ...

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Dash Price Technical Analysis for 14/4/2015 – Turnaround in Progress? No Comments

Investors in Dash can breathe a sigh of relief as the cryptocurrency seems to be staging a comeback after dropping roughly 40% from the 1-month high of 0.02495BTC achieved in March. This is in stark contrast to the bearish undertone that I had been following in my earlier analyses however, this is not to say that Dash is completely out of the woods yet. Each Dash is currently valued at 0.01403BTC...