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BitMain Issues Firmware Upgrade for Antminers Following Antbleed No Comments

BitMain -- the leading Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer was all over the news yesterday following the discovery of a security flaw, named Antbleed. The increased negative publicity and concerns among the cryptocurrency mining community have forced BitMain to apologize publicly and offer a background about the Antbleed issue. According to the company, the "so-called" security flaw was suppos...

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R3 Consortium Loses Another Key Member as JPMorgan & Chase Departs No Comments

Things are going from bad to worse for the R3 consortium. Ever since it became clear the group is not focusing on blockchain technology, there has been a lot of backlash. JPMorgan Chase & Co has now decided to leave the group and focus on other things. It appears R3's fundraising process is the main reason for this departure. While there are still plenty of banks supporting R3, the group is...

LBRY Introduces Decentralized Content Distribution System.

BitTorrent Creator to Enter the Bitcoin Space! No Comments

Bitcoin and BitTorrent are two revolutionary technologies from different eras that share few similarities. Both are decentralized peer-to-peer networks that revolutionized their respective sectors. Following the success of BitTorrent, its creator Bram Cohen has announced his plans to explore the Bitcoin industry. Bram Cohen is already familiar with cryptocurrencies as he has been involved in th...

Microsoft Azure Enterprise Grade Blockchains will Disrupt Industries

Cloud Services and Cryptocurrency Mining Malware No Comments

In the past few years, the definition of IT infrastructure has changed from self-hosted servers and data centers to cloud computing and virtual machines. The cloud services became popular mainly because of the flexibility in terms of capacity and performance it offers. The cloud services providers like Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc., have the capability to supply virtually unlimited processing p...

Why Blockchain Will Power The Big Banks In 2016

IBM’s Principles of Enterprise Blockchain Adoption No Comments

The "Blockchain" is the latest “buzzword”. Almost all the top executives across various industries have heard about it, some have considered adopting it, and then there are those who would want to know more about it. IBM -- the tech giant, involved in the development and implementation of distributed ledger technology through its participation in Hyperledger project and Blockchain as a Service...


BBVA’s Blockchain Fund Transfer Solution Reduces Transaction Fees by 80 Percent No Comments

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA), the second largest Spanish bank recently conducted a successful trial of its blockchain solution for fund transfers. The new solution is found to cut down the time taken for international fund transfer to few seconds from four days. The number of blockchain trials conducted by the banking sector is increasing every day. The banking and financial instit...

Mainstream Financial Services Feel the Fintech Heat No Comments

The mainstream financial services industry has gotten used to a stable ecosystem, facing virtually zero threats at least from the technological aspect. However, things have changed in the past couple of years, thanks to the discovery of potential applications of blockchain technology. Growing interest in distributed ledger technology suddenly accelerated the financial technology (fintech) secto...


Malta Gets Its Own National Blockchain Strategy No Comments

Malta, the tiny European nation has taken a huge step forward by making a move to promote widespread usage of blockchain technology throughout the country. The national Blockchain policy has recently received approval from the Maltese cabinet. The new development was announced by the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat. He was quoted by the country's media outlets stating, “This is not ju...

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British Telecom Enters Blockchain Patent Race, Files 6 Applications in 2017 No Comments

Bitcoin's underlying Blockchain has become the hottest thing in the technology sector, and every industry segment is trying hard to get a piece of it. The English telecom giant, British Telecom has joined the pack by applying for patents related to its work no distributed ledger technology. According to a recent report by one of the media outlets, the telecom company has filed at least six pate...

Fred Wilson

Central Bank of Cambodia Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon No Comments

Blockchain technology is now making inroads into the banking sector in Cambodia. The Southeast Asian nation's central bank — The National Bank of Cambodia has joined forces with Soramitsu, a Tokyo, Japan-based fintech startup to develop blockchain-based payment system. Through this latest partnership, the National Bank of Cambodia looks forward to exploring the use of distributed ledger techn...