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MediBond Proposes to Build Decentralized Healthcare Applications on Blockchain No Comments

Blockchain continues to prove itself as a resourceful technique for bringing more transparency and security to the global business market. Many industries in past have opened up about their interests in the decentralized ledger. And some of them already have incubation labs in place to see a possible blockchain integration. A similar development is also taking place in the medical industry, where ...


GoldMint, the Present-Day Gold Standard Backed by Blockchain Technology No Comments

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin has gained the distinction of being called "digital gold". The label, befitting the virtual currency is drawn following its comparison with the yellow metal which has remained as a store of value and medium of exchange for centuries. However, there has always been apprehensions about the value of Bitcoin and virtual currencies as they are not backed by any g...


Everex Joins Forces With MicroMoney to Offer Blockchain Based Microlending Service No Comments

Everex, the company on a mission to create a global, inclusive economy using blockchain technology has announced its collaboration with MicroMoney. The partnership with Myanmar based micro-lending platform has provided Everex with access to over 450,000 unique customers and registered users. At the same time, the collaboration allows MicroMoney to deliver services to its user base in a more eff...

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Chinese Blockchain Industry Issues Guidelines for ICO Fundraising No Comments

Following the recent spate of multi-million dollar cryptotoken crowdsales, ICOs have emerged as a new method of effective fundraising. As the number of projects opting for the ICO route of investment continues to rise, the Chinese blockchain industry associations have come up with a set of guidelines for such initiatives. According to reports, six different blockchain industry associations have...

Russia, European Travel IT Giant Embraces Bitcoin Following Partnership with BitPay. newsbtc

S7 Airlines in Russia Implements Blockchain Based Ticketing System No Comments

The increasing usage of cryptocurrencies, its underlying technology for their benefits has made it attractive for companies to implement them into their operations. The Russian airline, S7 has followed the same lines to implement Ethereum blockchain powered ticketing platform. According to reports on various media outlets, the latest initiative of S7 Airlines is supported by Russia's largest pr...


ICO Tokens Are as Good as Securities, Says the SEC No Comments

Ever since the cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology started gaining momentum, the governments and their regulatory arms have been working round the clock, finding ways to bring them under the regulatory purview. The SEC might have encountered some progress in this regard. The rising popularity of ICOs as an effective fundraising method has woken up the Securities and Exchange Commis...

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Ambrosus Implements Blockchain in Food Industry No Comments

Blockchain technology has penetrated various industry segments, and the food industry is no stranger to it. Ambrosus, a blockchain company, is on its way to further revolutionize the food industry by creating a decentralized system to track produce. Launched last week, Ambrosus is a Swiss startup that has been working on the project for over a year now. The company is building its solution over...

Former Silk Road Member Arrested for Selling Drugs on Dark Web. newsbtc bitcoin news

Dark Net Marketplace Crackdowns to Continue as People Commit Mistakes No Comments

The evolution of cryptocurrencies has led to an increased proliferation of dark net marketplaces, most of which use them as the medium of value exchange. However, the increased usage of these marketplaces to buy and sell contraband and illegal drugs has grabbed the attention of law enforcement agencies. Starting with the Silk Road — the first dark net marketplace, law enforcement agencies hav...

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ViaBTC Creates BCC/CNY Pair, Prepares for Eventual BitcoinABC Fork No Comments

The Bitcoin community has been experiencing lots of uncertainty in the past few months, thanks to the discord between the development community and others regarding scalability solutions. The attempt to activate SegWit and its opposition with an alternative solution by the rival camp threatened to fork Bitcoin into two separate cryptocurrencies, while rest of the community braced for disruption of...

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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Now the Largest Blockchain Consortium No Comments

Even since the potential uses of blockchain technology started gathering attention, many entities have begun joining forces to create consortiums and working groups to further explore the technology. Over the past few years, Ethereum has gained prominence as a reliable protocol to enable the creation of seamless, flexible blockchain solutions. When some of the heavyweights from various industry...