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Bitcoin Compact Block Relay is an Upgrade to Reduce Block’s Propagation Times No Comments

Bitcoin Core has published an FAQ section regarding the most recent Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP), we are talking about the BIP 152 named Compact Block Relay, the upgrade is poised to reduce the bandwidth and the time it takes for a block to propagate through the nodes across Bitcoin's network. The upgrade contains several techniques to decrease a block's propagation time across the net...

Bitcoin Improvement Proposals Needs More than a Developer.newsbtc bitcoin news

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) Needs More than a Developer No Comments

Over the past two years, a number of Bitcoin Improvement Proposals have been put forth by various members of the Bitcoin community. These proposals call for the block size to be increased from anywhere between 1 MB and 32 MB. Each of these proposals have received their fair share of opposition, some more than others. Some of the proposals so far include BIP 100 proposed by Jeff Garzik, a Bitc...