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BitPay Teams Up with Ingenico to Create Bitcoin POS Terminals No Comments

BitPay has partnered with global payment solutions company Ingenico to introduce Bitcoin payments into traditional point-of-sale (POS) devices. The one-of-its-kind payment solution, launched during a blockchain event this Monday, has been developed by BitPay and installed on Ingenico’s private terminal ICT250. According to the companies’ joint press release, the said integration will make i...

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Bitcoin-to-Bullion Retailer Amagi Metals purchased by Anthem Vault 2 Comments

Anthem Vault has announced the acquisition of Amagi Metals. Amagi Metals is a Bitcoin-to-bullion precious metal dealer and with this deal the company is hoping to gain more ground in this growing market. Anthem Blanchard, founder and CEO of Anthem Vault also outlined that “our goal is to provide the precious metals community with a trusted way to accumulate gold and silver." He further exp...

Moniker Art Fair – First Major Art Fair to Accept Bitcoin Payments No Comments

This year, the Moniker Art Fair returns to east London’s iconic Old Truman Brewery for its sixth year, having firmly established itself as London’s premiere event for contemporary art rooted in urban culture. This year’s edition, Moniker Art Fair has teamed up with global art, music and technology collective Fork The Banks, in an exciting venture to become the world’s first internationa...

Paul Krugman Takes Another Potshot at Bitcoin

Paul Krugman Takes Another Potshot at Bitcoin 29 Comments

If you and I are ready to settle our trade in Bitcoin, this technological marvel is here to stay. But even a nobel award winning — and stubbornly ideological — economist like Paul Krugman has to be explained this very simple fact. The poster child of traditional finance system has once again tried his very best to besmirch Bitcoin, while repeating the age-old rhetorics related to the digita...

CIBC CEO- We are not afraid of Bitcoin

CIBC CEO: We are not afraid of Bitcoin No Comments

The chief executive of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) recently expressed his opinions on the disruptive payment technologies like Bitcoin. Victor Dodig, who was attending the launch of their new mobile payment application Suretap in Toronto, said during a Q&A round that CIBC does not feel threatened by the challenges Bitcoin and similar peer-to-peer technologies pose to its busin...

BitTorrent Client Joystream to Reward Users with Bitcoin for Seeding

BitTorrent Client to Reward Users with Bitcoin for Seeding No Comments

In order to encourage torrent seeding on its platform, a BitTorrent client called JoyStream is venturing into rewarding its users with bitcoin. For now, it is on alpha release for a limited time for users who have signed up on the Bitcoin Testnet. The company was founded by Dr. Bedeho Mender who sought to improve the levels of bandwidth contribution and the lack of incentives for content prov...

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Can Bitcoin Be a Mainstream Medium of Settlement? No Comments

There are many ways to make use of bitcoin - from profiting from its price fluctuations to using it as a means of fund transfer or remittance. However, the cryptocurrency still hasn't become a main mode of payment or medium of settlement among most merchants and establishments. Can it really achieve mainstream adoption? One major issue is that the price volatility of the currency makes it a les...

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Bitcoin to Crush Western Union, MoneyGram? No Comments

Just as old technologies give way to newer ones, so must be the case for the financial industry. According to bitcoin advocate Barry Silbert, payment services like Western Union and MoneyGram could soon see their demise as the digital currency industry grows. This phenomenon has been witnessed in the music industry, which saw the closure of Tower Records, and the photography world, wherein the ...

how does Bitcoin debit card work newbstc

How do Bitcoin Debit Cards Work? No Comments

One of the newer developments in the bitcoin industry is the introduction of bitcoin debit cards, which aims to revolutionize day-to-day transactions. It functions as a typical debit card with an amount already stored and payments can be made by deducting from the balance. Several companies such as BitPlastic and Xapo offer bitcoin debit cards, which allow clients to convert bitcoin to cash and w...