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TheMerle Ver Unlimited Production Ready

Roger Ver Claims Bitcoin Unlimited is Production Ready At This Stage No Comments

It has been a while since someone tweeted something odd about Bitcoin Unlimited. Roger Ver came up with a statement that will get people riled up once again. In his opinion, Bitcoin Unlimited is production ready, as it produces over 40% of network blocks. While that statistic is true, no one in their right mind would call BU production ready right now. It caused quite a backlash on social media as...

NewsBTC BitClub BU

BitClub Successfully Mines Their First Bitcoin Unlimited-only Blocks On The Network No Comments

It appears as if the BitClub mining pool has had a change of heart recently. Albeit the company mined a Bitcoin Unlimited block before, it was a slightly different type. To be more specific, it was a block that did not properly signal BU alone. That has changed as of now, with at least three BU-only blocks being mined by the pool in rather quick succession. BitClub Supports Bitcoin Unlimited Now...

NewsBTC Bitcoin Unlimited Client Crash

Bitcoin Unlimited Client Crashes When Reading SegWit Blockchain After Switching Clients No Comments

There has been multiple issues with Bitcoin Unlimited clients so far. The latest issue revolves around reading the SegWit blockchain after switching clients. Any Core user switching to BU and reading the same blockchain index will encounter a client crash. Apparently, this is due to the data not being supported by the BU client. For some reason, this is causing quite a bit of controversy on Reddit...

Charlie Shem Loses Confidence in Bitcoin Unlimited And Its Code No Comments

It is evident the Bitcoin Unlimited debacle continues to dominate the discussion landscape. Some people who initially saw merit in BU are losing hope, though. Charlie Shrem announced on Twitter he lost confidence in the Bitcoin unlimited code and its developers. A very strong statement that does not bode well for DU by any means. On paper, the ideas presented by Bitcoin Unlimited still have me...

Scaling Bitcoin Workshop. Increase Block Size to 2-4MB. Newsbtc Bitcoin news

Bitcoin Unlimited and Scalability Debate, Confusion Reigns No Comments

The Bitcoin scalability debate has been going on for over a year now. The community has so far been unable to come to a consensus regarding the future roadmap of the cryptocurrency. These scalability delays have started to impact the usage of Bitcoin, due to increasing transaction times, flooded mempool and growing miner fee. There is a sense of urgency currently prevailing in the cryptocurrency c...

NewsBTC Bitcoin Spam Attack

It Appears Another Spam Attack Is Taking Place On The Bitcoin Network No Comments

The bitcoin network has seen multiple spam attacks over the last year. All of these activities drive up the bitcoin transaction price for no good reason. It appears another smaller spam attack took place on the network earlier today. One particular address was sending out a lot of transactions a thigh fees in quick succession. It is not uncommon for bitcoin payout services to send a bunch of tr...

NewsBTC Soupernerd Bitcoin Unlimited No Confidence

Former /r/btc Moderator Soupernerd Feels Bitcoin Unlimited Has No Chance Of Forking Bitcoin No Comments

There has been a lot of debate whether or not Bitcoin Unlimited can become a success. A lot of people feel this will not be the case, whereas the /r/btc community will gladly tell you otherwise. Soupernerd, a former /r/btc moderator, stated how BU has been "knocked out of the running" to become a bitcoin fork. A very unusual statement that will raise a lot of questions, that much is certain. W...

NewsBTC Bitcoin Unlimited Node Bug Censored

Bitcoin Unlimited Node Bug Was Posted on /r/BTC And Censored By Moderators No Comments

Everyone who pays attention to bitcoin will have heard about the BU node bug by now. Several hundred Bitcoin Unlimited nodes were shut down due to a vulnerability in client's code. Interestingly enough, someone had reported the bug on Reddit, yet that post was censored immediately by the moderators. A very strange development that ultimately resulted in a lot of panic among node owners. The bigger...

NewsBTC ViaBTC Bitcoin unlimited Pleading

ViaBTC Asks Core Supporters Not To Block Bitcoin Unlimited Adoption Any Longer No Comments

Shenanigans between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited supporters are far from over by the look of things. Due to some increased mining support, Unlimited is now in the lead based on the past 1,000 blocks. ViaBTC took to Twitter asking Core supporters no longer block Unlimited activation moving forward. A statement that will cause quite a bit of controversy, that much is certain. The Bitcoin Un...

NewsBTC Charlie lee Bitcoin Unlimited

Charlie Lee Criticizes Bitcoin Unlimited Supporters For Sustaining High TX Fees No Comments

Not a day goes by without someone bringing up SegWit versus Bitcoin Unlimited. A recent tweet from Charlie Lee raises some interesting thoughts, though. According to Lee, miners support Unlimited to block SegWit activation. Moreover, they do so to keep transaction fees high as they enjoy this inflated situation. An intriguing train of thought, that much is certain. People who keep an eye on th...