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Bitcoin vs Gold: Which did better in 2016? No Comments

The two contemporary safe havens during the times of economic crisis are the representatives of tradition and technology. While gold will always be the first choice of safety net for a purist, the millennials believe bitcoin to be the new gold or the digital gold. And seems it is truly a digital age, as proved by recent bitcoin high over gold.  The world is increasingly turning to bitcoin as a...


Nasdaq Columnist Discusses Role of Bitcoin in Next Recession 1 Comment

Nasdaq columnist Martin Tillier on Thursday interconnected dots between the recent financial events and Bitcoin value. In his article, the foreign exchange veteran noted a lack of buying interest towards Gold among traders during the recent Chinese stock market crash. It was unusual for a commodity whose price used to rocket during these economical meltdowns. However, at the same time, another ...

Texas Challenges Federal Reserve with its Gold-Backed Bitcoin Loving Bank

Texas Challenges Federal Reserve with its Gold-Backed Bitcoin Loving Bank 17 Comments

In one of its first steps towards creating an unconstrained economy, the State of Texas has decided to setup its own gold-backed bank. The decision comes in the wake of Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to repatriate $1 billion worth of state’s gold from an underground vault in New York. The republican plans to store this gold in a ‘yet-to-be-built’ facility, a step that will circumscribe...