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Rumors of Loanbase’s Imminent Shutdown Run Rampant No Comments

[Update: Loanbase, aka BitLendingClub, has confirmed the news.] Rumors run abound in the world of bitcoin. November has been a month spread wide with tales of China’s alleged legislation meant to restrict bitcoin trading and limit international transactions. While these rumors have not come full circle yet, one can see just how uncertain the digital currency arena can be. Now, another rumo...

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BitLendingClub beats BTCJam in Bitcoin loans volume! No Comments

Online bitcoin loans marketplace BitLendingClub has announced via a blog post that it has officially become the world’s biggest bitcoin lending marketplace by servicing more than $430,000 worth of loans in June. With this, the company defeated its closest competitor BTCJam which served $415,000 for the same time period. However, the success didn’t come to the company overnight, and they had...

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A Simple Guide to Bitcoin Loans No Comments

As interest rates across the world plunge to record lows, some even in the negative territory, savers are left with insignificant or no returns on their bank deposits. Other investment classes such as stocks and real estate are already kissing stratospheric levels, which makes them more risky comparative to the returns intended. But, savers need not lose heart, for there is another way to earn gr...