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Bitcoin Unlimted Block Bug

Bitcoin Unlimited Devs Explain Recent Block Size Issue No Comments

A few days ago, the Bitcoin.com mining pool ran into an unexpected error. A block larger than 1mb in size was generated due to a bug in the latest Bitcoin Unlimited client code. The situation was rectified quickly, yet sparked a lot of questions. The BU unlimited took the time to write up an official explanation of this event, although it should not repeat itself moving forward. It is good to see ...

ZCash Block Timestamping

Zcash Developers Contemplate Switch To Ethereum-based Block Timestamping No Comments

Ever since the ZCash project launched, developers have been making various changes to the code base. Improvements are always a welcome development, as well as keeping an eye on new features. A new proposal on GitHub indicates the project may switch to Ethereum-style block timestamps shortly. Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts see this as a lack of innovation. The launch of ZCash has been greeted ...

Nothing Happened After The Bitcoin Block Reward Halving No Comments

The Halving just happened, We’re all still alive, and so is Bitcoin! The first 12.5 BTC block was mined by F2Pool (the largest mining operation in the world) at 17:46 (GMT). Bitcoin price and hashrate seem to be stable after a 5% price drop just half an hour before the Halving. The speculation is over and any dramatic changes regarding the value of Bitcoin will probably happen within the comi...

Bitcoin Block Difficulty Up 26% No Comments

Bitcoin block difficulty has jumped yet again. This time, we're looking at a 26% increase to 1,789,546,951, according to this chart at Bitcoin Wisdom. What is bitcoin mining difficulty? In simple terms, it's how difficult it is for a miner to discover a block. By design, the bitcoin protocol calls for an increase in bitcoin difficulty every 2016 blocks. As more and more powerful bitcoin miners...