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First Ever Blockchain Hackathon to be Held in Dublin. newsbtc bitcoin news

Bajaj Displays the Potential of Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Indian Manufacturing Sector No Comments

In recent days, the Indian government has been making a hard push to strengthen the country's manufacturing sector with its “Make in India” campaign. While this campaign encourages companies and entrepreneurs to manufacture things within the country, the blockchain technology implementation is attempting to make it more efficient. Bajaj Electricals, one of the leading electrical appliances man...

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Blockchain Powered IoT Vaccine, NeuroMesh Scores at MIT 100K Accelerate No Comments

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is currently underway. As companies work on developing interconnected IoT devices by utilizing a variety of technologies including the blockchain technology, it opens the whole infrastructure to new levels of threats. NeuroMesh, a trusted distributed IoT and smartphone platform intends to prevent such incidents with its botnet security suite. NeuroMesh, f...

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World Food Programme Uses Blockchain Technology to Alleviate Hunger No Comments

Blockchain technology has become popular across various industry segments due to its versatile nature. Applications built on the distributed ledger can be implemented to solve a range of problems, improve the efficiency of existing systems and even bring in transparency. All these qualities are something critical in today's social sector. Realizing its potential advantages, the United Nations Worl...

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis BTC USD

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD Resume Its Downtrend No Comments

Key Points Bitcoin price failed to gain traction, and moved below the $1000 level against the US Dollar. There are two bearish trend lines with resistance near $1040-1060 formed on the 4-hours chart (data feed from SimpleFX) of BTC/USD. The price might correct higher in the near term, but broadly remains under a bearish pressure. Bitcoin price made a nice downside move recently below...

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Attic Lab to Offer Blockchain Solution to Ukraine’s Alliance Bank No Comments

When it comes to blockchain platform development and adoption of cryptocurrency, the Eastern Europe is a strong force to reckon with. The number of crypto-platforms emerging out of this region since the past one year shows an increasing interest in the technology among entrepreneurs and startups. Among the countries in the region, Ukraine probably has the strongest crypto-ecosystem. The startup...

IBM Blockchain, Fabric Based Enterprise Blockchain Solution Launched No Comments

In the past few days, IBM — the international technology giant has been in the news multiple times for its collaboration with companies to develop blockchain solutions. Being one of the Hyperledger project members, IBM has been pushing the use of Fabric distributed ledger for commercial applications. After all these developments, the company has finally made its blockchain services official. ...


IOTA, a Cryptotoken for the Internet of Things’ Applications No Comments

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are going to be the future. The IOTA tokens combine the goodness of all the three into one. However, unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the IOTA micro-transaction token is based on Tangle ledger specifically designed for the Internet of Things related applications, way back in 2015. According to publications, the IOTA powered...

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MonetaGo Aims for Blockchain without Bitcoin for Banking Sector No Comments

Bitcoin and Blockchain are synonymous to each other, for blockchain is the popular cryptocurrency's underlying technology. After Bitcoin, many alternative cryptocurrencies have come up, which still uses a distributed ledger either similar to or derived from Bitcoin blockchain. However, the US-based blockchain company MonetaGo intends to change that for the convenience of central banks. In a rec...

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Invictus and IBM Create Order, Logistics and Payment Platform on Hyperledger Fabric No Comments

Hyperledger Project is slowly gaining acceptance among both corporate and startups alike. A Linux Foundation initiative, Hyperledger has received support from some of the leading technology, financial and banking giants. As far as its initial adoption goes, startups like Invictus has joined the likes of Maersk to create blockchain-based applications in collaboration with IBM. The Singapore-base...

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD To Escalate Declines No Comments

Key Points Bitcoin price traded towards $1180 against the US Dollar on a couple of occasions and failed. The price moved down sharply and formed a bearish line on the 4-hours chart (data feed from SimpleFX) of BTC/USD with resistance near $1100. The price may continue its decline and could even settle below the $1000 level. Bitcoin price has started a downside move after failing near...