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NewsBTC Bitcoin Unlimited Node Bug Censored

Bitcoin Unlimited Node Bug Was Posted on /r/BTC And Censored By Moderators No Comments

Everyone who pays attention to bitcoin will have heard about the BU node bug by now. Several hundred Bitcoin Unlimited nodes were shut down due to a vulnerability in client's code. Interestingly enough, someone had reported the bug on Reddit, yet that post was censored immediately by the moderators. A very strange development that ultimately resulted in a lot of panic among node owners. The bigger...

Bitcoin Censorship Theymos Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester Defends Theymos’ Censorship of The Bitcoin Community No Comments

Throughout the years, there have been a few people in the Bitcoin world who generate a lot of negative friction. Even though their intentions may be good, the way they go about things leaves much to be desired. Censorship in the Bitcoin world is unacceptable, and many people see Theymos as one of the culprits. But Tuur Demeester is supporting his “style”, which creates even more discussion amo...

Cobra-Bitcoin Censorship Bitcoin

Cobra-Bitcoin Wants To Remove Coinbase From Bitcoin.org No Comments

A new censorship debate is taking place on the Bitcoin GitHub page, and hardly anyone will be surprised Cobra-Bitcoin is involved in the mix once again. This latest issue revolves around whether or not Coinbase should be removed from the Bitcoin.org website. Apparently, their leadership keeps making ‘bad decisions” and they “try to undermine Bitcoin in some way”. It is not surprising to...

Bitcoin Subreddit

The Bitcoin Subreddit Censorship Debate Reignited by Roger Ver? No Comments

There has been a lot of friction between the Bitcoin community members since the block size debate. The Bitcoin scalability issue has polarized the community into those who support the increase in block size, and those who don't. Things between these two camps often leads to ugly debates on social media platforms. The Bitcoin subreddit on renowned Reddit social platform continues to be one of...

Ethereum. A week of Turbulence. newsbtc

Ethereum Spam on Reddit To Blame on /r/Bitcoin Censorship No Comments

Frequent visitors of the Reddit platform may have noticed they are getting some strange private messages these days. Especially those users active on the Bitcoin subreddits are being targeted with spam bots advertising the benefits of Ethereum. Despite Reddit’s anti-spam measures, these messages are still coming through for some reason. It goes without saying this is not doing the reputation of ...


The Deeper Meaning Behind Mike Hearn’s Post On Bitcoin And Development No Comments

The news this past week has been dominated by the announcement of Mike Hearn leaving the Bitcoin scene for good. Hearn posted a very long and detailed explanation of why things are not going the way he thinks they should in the world of Bitcoin, and his words were gratefully picked up by mainstream media. But what is the hidden message behind these words? Also read: Bitcoin Accepting Payment P...

Russian Website Threatened by Government Censors No Comments

About two weeks ago, during an interview, Vladimir Putin signaled his tacit support for using bitcoins in Russia. The Russian President stated that the digital currency shouldn't be banned and that it could have possible uses for some government institutions. But it seems that the Russian censorship haven’t finished.  Yesterday, Roskomnadzor, the Kremlin's media watchmen, threatened to block...

Bitcoin is Immune to Censorship

Bitcoin is Immune to Censorship No Comments

Censorship resistance is still one attribute that seems to have an extreme importance. Before Bitcoin, online merchants were limited to centralized payment hubs, such as PayPal, who were able to prevent certain transactions from taking place over the Internet. In 2011, Bitcoin donations enabled organizations like Wikileaks to easily receive donations. Online Black markets like Silk Road were al...