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NewsBTC Major Chinese Exchanges

Major Chinese Exchanges Process Majority of May’s Bitcoin Trading Volume in Yuan No Comments

A lot of cryptocurrency traders are relieved to hear the major Chinese exchanges are back in business. it appears these companies just continued where they left off. All platforms combined generate close to 80% of all of May's CNY trading volume. This shows smaller exchanges have not been able to make much of a name for themselves. It also shows China is not cooling off on Bitcoin just yet. ...

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Reversal of Bitcoin Withdrawal Restrictions Could Help China Regain Its Past Glory No Comments

Things have started to look bright again for the Chinese cryptocurrency sector. The country's leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms have begun allowing customers to withdraw Bitcoin from their respective accounts. The new development comes almost four months after the People's Bank of China inspected the cryptocurrency platforms in the country. Following the inspection, the cent...

NewsBTC ViaBTC Exchange

ViaBTC Ventures Into the World of Cryptocurrency Trading By Launching New Platform No Comments

Bitcoin enthusiasts will be all too familiar with ViaBTC. The company provides a mining pool and a transaction accelerator. Both services are often used by the overall Bitcoin community. However, it now appears ViaBTC wants to become a cryptocurrency exchange as well. The trading platform has launched yesterday evening, and several trading pairs are available already. This is quite an interesting ...

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Increased Bitcoin Demand from Asia Overloads Coinbase and Others No Comments

Coinbase has had few troubles in the past few days, thanks to increased demand for Bitcoin among the investor and cryptocurrency community. The outages experienced by the cryptocurrency trading and wallet platform has been attributed to massive demand for Bitcoin in the Asian countries, driving the price to unprecedented levels. Bitcoin has turned into an attractive financial asset since the be...

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What’s Driving Bitcoin Price These Days? No Comments

The surging Bitcoin price has got the cryptocurrency community members astonished. The price trend has exceeded both expectations and earlier expert speculations. The changing scenario has encouraged the CEO of DoubleLine Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach to form a theory on the latest price surge. Gundlach's theory was covered by a leading mainstream business news outlet, which connects the cryptocurr...

NewsBTC Yuan Moody's

Chinese Yuan Takes Yet Another Big Hit Due To Downgraded Moody’s Rating No Comments

While the cryptocurrency world is in a frenzy, it is good to look at the traditional financial sector. The Chinese Yuan has started yet another value decline over the past few hours. This is the direct result of Moody's downgrading the nation's credit rating. Debt is rising and economic growth is slowing, as we expected. It is doubtful fake numbers will keep the truth hidden this time. Chinese Yu...

NewsBTC Russia China Gold-backed Standard

China and Russia Strengthen Ties To Replace US Dollar With a Gold-backed Trading Standard No Comments

Russia and China have been in cahoots for quite some time now. Not only have both countries developed a payment network to rival SWIFT, they are also looking to rid of the US Dollar. A new alliance between both nations will focus on a gold-backed trading standard. Bypassing the US Dollar is quite an ambitious goal, but it is not entirely impossible either. A few weeks ago, the Russian Central B...

NewsBTC LocalBitcoins China

LocalBitcoins China Continues To Thrive Amid PBoC Clampdown Against Exchanges No Comments

China has always been a peculiar country when it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The PBoC's most recent efforts force exchanges to suspend bitcoin withdrawals for the time being. Contrary to what people expect, bitcoin's popularity in China has not declined all that much. LocalBitcoins trading is more popular than ever, which results in high weekly trading volumes. Bitcoin's status in Ch...

NewsBTC_Fintech Bitcoin Regulation

China’s Central Bank Circulates New Bitcoin Regulations No Comments

It is now official. The Chinese central bank, People's Bank of China is pushing for regulations by circulating new policies to the cryptocurrency exchange platforms operating in the country. As cryptocurrency traders in the country wait for exchanges to re-enable Bitcoin withdrawals, media reports suggest that the central bank has issued a directive, asking the cryptocurrency platforms to include ...

China Finance Regulation

Uncertainity Still Looms over China’s Bitcoin Market, More Regulations May Follow No Comments

Many issues face the cryptocurrency market in China, and it may only worsen. As Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms in the region struggle to comply with the central bank's policies, there are signs of more roadblocks appearing in the near future. It all started with the People's Bank of China's sudden inspection of Bitcoin platforms to check unfair practices. The move, which was first hail...