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'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' Released Today No Comments

The film many folks in the bitcoin community have been waiting for has finally been released for viewing. The film, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, encountered major delays in getting released (the film was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, though), particularly on the front of distribution, but now, things are gravy. The film will be available on a slew of different platforms that ...

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Short Film: "Bitcoin: Buenos Aires" No Comments

Have a little over ten minutes to burn? You might be interested in catching Bitcoin: Buenos Aires, a short film covering the topic of bitcoin in Latin America, if you haven't already guessed by the title. Made over a three-day period, the film was shot back in early July of this year. This particular film became available late last month, and is produced by TheProtocol.TV. A tip to TheProtocol...

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'Deep Web: The Untold Story of Bitcoin and Silk Road' to Premiere on EPIX No Comments

There's been quite a few films related to bitcoin, and here's another. Freshly announced: EPIX has announced that the original documentary Deep Web: The Untold Story of Bitcoin and Silk Road is expected to make a world premiere on the premium network in 2015. The film, as the name would suggest, tells the story of websites hidden on the so-called Deep Web. These pages are non-indexed intentiona...

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'Bitcoin: Buenos Aires' Documentary Now Available For Viewing No Comments

If you're the type that enjoys consuming bitcoin-related media, you may be interested to learn that there's a new documentary out on the topic called Bitcoin: Buenos Aires. Produced by TheProtocol.TV, the film takes a look at the development of bitcoin in Argentina -- a country suffering from a devaluing currency in the amount of about thirty percent annually. Here's an official description of ...

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'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' to be Released October 10th No Comments

The highly-anticipated bitcoin documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin has been discussed time and time again on social media, and yet, most people haven't seen it. It's been screened privately on several occasions, but bitcoin fans can take comfort in knowing that the film is just about ready to make a public release early next month. You can get to viewing the documentary beginning on the 1...

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The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin to be Screened at TNABC Kick-Off Party at House of Blues in Chicago No Comments

With The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) slated to get underway in the very near future, the folks at the Conference announced today that their very own kick-off party will be taking place at the House of Blues in Chicago on the 18th of July. At the party, Nicholas Mross's The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin will be screened much to the delight of the attendees. Do to ongoing distribution ...

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'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' Debuts Wednesday at the Tribeca Film Festival No Comments

There's been a whole lot of buzz in the bitcoin community surrounding the release of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, a documentary that chronicles the bitcoin digital currency. Featuring interviews with well-known entities in the bitcoin community, the film is by far, the most in-depth feature on bitcoin, and judging by the official trailer, it looks to be a great experience. "The film tells the ...

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The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Official Trailer Debuts No Comments

The official trailer for the highly-anticipated bitcoin documentary entitled The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin has made its debut today, not terribly long after the community has had a sneak peak of the film. If you haven't heard about the documentary, it features a number of early adopters, of which include Gavin Andresen and Daniel Mross (the older brother of the maker of the film, Nicholas Mross)....

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CNBC Chronicles Bitcoin in "Bitcoin Uprising" Documentary No Comments

A major financial news network here in the United States has debuted a short documentary chronicling bitcoin's start and explosive growth over the past several years. CNBC's Mary Thompson enters the world of mostly-male bitcoiners in this 26-minute film. According to Bitcoin Magazine, Thompson's producer, Karina Frayter, made the decision to make a half-hour news-piece after deciding that a one ...

SQ1.tv Releases Bitcoin Documentary, "The Bitcoin Phenomenon" No Comments

The folks over at SQ1.tv (which is pronounced as square one -- an online television network) released their bitcoin documentary entitled The Bitcoin Phenomenon on Tuesday months in advance of the originally-planned June 2014 debut. "We were working on our Bitcoin story as a part of SQ1.tv’s launch in June. Based on the news cycle, the story was too timely for us not to release it immediately...