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BTC.com Domain Name Reportedly Acquired For $1.1 Million No Comments

An interesting report from news website CryptoCoinsNews.com reveals some interesting information with regard to a bitcoin-related domain sale. Josh Garza of GAWMiners miners told the website that he managed to pick up the BTC.com domain name for a whopping $1.1 million -- a record sale in the bitcoin industry. Other bitcoin-related domain names have previously gone up for sale, but none have b...

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U.S. District Court Ruling May Derail 'Bitcoins.com' Auction No Comments

With recent news that the highly-valuable bitcoins.com domain name was going up for auction, many start-ups and entrepreneurs may have seen an acquisition as nothing short of beneficial. We're learning however, that a Judge's ruling may derail the auction -- which presently holds a reserve price of a whopping $750,000. This particular case involves CoinLab, a former Mt. Gox partner, who last yea...

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Highly Sought-After Bitcoins.com Domain Name Up For Auction Later This Month No Comments

We know that Bitcoin.com is involved in a five-year deal with Blockchain.info, but what about the highly sought-after bitcoins.com domain name? There's now a chance to pick up the domain, with news today that the domain will hit the auction block later this month as part of Heritage Auctions' Domain Names & Intellectual Property Auction, which will see the sale of a slew high-value of web add...

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Domain Broker Seeks to Sell Revered 'BTC.com' Domain Name 5 Comments

April's news that Blockchain.info would be managing the 'Bitcoin.com' domain name for a period of five years made a splash in the community. It's prime internet real estate, not to mention easy to remember. A premium domain broker is now attempting to sell the revered BTC.com domain name. If the fact that a three-letter domain name wasn't enough, it also represents the most common abbreviation o...

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Blockchain Makes Five-Year Deal to Exclusively Manage Bitcoin.com Domain Name No Comments

Domain names can be prime property if they meet certain criteria. They can sell for millions of dollars if they're just right. And since bitcoin has become an international phenomenon, you can bet that "bitcoin.com" would be in high demand. Indeed it was, and on Thursday, Blockchain.info announced they've struck a five-year deal to exclusively manage the bitcoin.com domain name. Blockchain.info ...

BitcoinWallet.com Domain Name Fetches $250,000 No Comments

Bitcoin has become big business, if you weren't already aware. So it should be no surprise that bitcoin-related domain names are going for a pretty penny while on the market. Such is the case with BitcoinWallet.com -- a domain name owned by entrepreneur Niko Younts. Younts tweeted that the domain fetched a whopping $250,000. But it doesn't end there. Younts has a similar domain, BitcoinWallets....