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Choosing Between Gold and Bitcoin. Bitcoin News Newsbtc.

Bitcoin and Gold Price Forecast Looks Good for Rest of the Year No Comments

Bitcoin has had a great run this year so far and it is expected to further continue in the coming months due to various influencing factors. Faced with similar circumstances, the cryptocurrency's physical counterpart -- Gold is expected to showcase similar tendencies as well. According to the Italian Bank — Intesa Sanpaolo, the price per troy ounce of gold is expected to climb from last week...

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Gold Value And Bitcoin Price Simultaenously Surge To Five-Month Highs No Comments

People often like to draw parallels between the price of gold and bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is often referred to as the digital gold rush, thus such a comparison makes some sense. What is even more astounding is how both the bitcoin price and gold value see significant price appreciations around the same time. Gold has surged to a five-month high, and bitcoin has been doing the exact same. Look...

NewsBTC Russia China Gold-backed Standard

China and Russia Strengthen Ties To Replace US Dollar With a Gold-backed Trading Standard No Comments

Russia and China have been in cahoots for quite some time now. Not only have both countries developed a payment network to rival SWIFT, they are also looking to rid of the US Dollar. A new alliance between both nations will focus on a gold-backed trading standard. Bypassing the US Dollar is quite an ambitious goal, but it is not entirely impossible either. A few weeks ago, the Russian Central B...

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Bitcoin Surpasses Gold, Will It Stay Strong? No Comments

Bitcoin price has become the topic of discussion among all leading media outlets. With the cryptocurrency's price reaching an all-time high of $1281, it has surpassed the price of gold. A troy ounce of gold is currently valued at around $1,233, whereas the "digital gold" registers a value much higher than that. Bitcoin seems to have broken the jinxed price barrier, by rising beyond the earlier ...

BItcoiN Gold Assets 2017

2017 Will be A Great Year For Save Haven Assets No Comments

Comparisons between gold and bitcoin continue to be drawn, even though these two assets are not exactly alike. The outlook for both speculative assets is looking quite good for now, even though it is hard to predict what will happen next. Both assets can see significant value gains throughout 2017, even though it remains to be seen if that will be the case. Demand for non-currency assets is expect...

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Safe-Haven Assets Gold and Bitcoin May Benefit From Trump’s Speech No Comments

The impending inauguration of Donald Trump will send shockwaves through the global financial sector. Some experts feel gold prices will soar, depending what Trump says during his speech. At the same time, Bitcoin's value could go up by quite a margin as well. Safe-haven assets will be in high demand moving forward, that much seems to be a foregone conclusion. Trump's inauguration is getting a l...

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Bitcoin vs Gold: Which did better in 2016? No Comments

The two contemporary safe havens during the times of economic crisis are the representatives of tradition and technology. While gold will always be the first choice of safety net for a purist, the millennials believe bitcoin to be the new gold or the digital gold. And seems it is truly a digital age, as proved by recent bitcoin high over gold.  The world is increasingly turning to bitcoin as a...

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Weekly LocalBitcoins Volume In India Doubles Amid Currency And Gold Crackdown No Comments

Over the past week, there have been many news stories about Bitcoin in India. After the rupee note ban, the government started targeting gold supplies as well. All of these changes are driving people to Bitcoin, as can be seen on the Coin Dance charts. In fact, the amount of Bitcoin bought and sold through LocalBitcoins has virtually doubled in a week. Surging demand for Bitcoin in India was o...

The Royal Mint to Introduce Gold Backed Blockchain Assets No Comments

Bitcoin has come to be known as "digital gold" for having many properties similar to that of the yellow metal. Now, Bitcoin's underlying technology is being adopted by the Royal Mint— Britain's coin maker to enable trading. Unlike Bitcoin, gold is a physical asset and not so easily divisible when it comes to smaller values. Imagine carrying out transactions with minute quantities of gold for dai...

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Larry Summers: “Indian Black Money Hoarders Flock To Gold And Bitcoin” No Comments

The topic of Bitcoin continues to cause controversy among financial experts. Larry Summers told the media how most Indians have already invested their money into other assets. Bitcoin is one of those assets, together with gold, or another form that is not But at the same time, this causes even more speculation as to how consumers use Bitcoin to evade taxes. Any financial asset not controlled by...