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Bitcoin Economy Needs a Self-Regulatory Organization, Not Mainstream Regulators No Comments

India is going through a Bitcoin revolution, as the interest in the cryptocurrency continues to increase. At the same time, the Bitcoin ecosystem is currently at the crossroads due to the government's interest in regulating the digital currency. Following the creation of an inter-ministerial committee to evaluate cryptocurrencies and potential regulatory steps, there are speculations that Secur...

india, regulations, bitcoin

India Plans to Include KYC Norms for Bitcoin Transactions No Comments

The rising cryptocurrency usage in India, combined with Bitcoin's rising price recently increased the government's interest in the cryptocurrency market. In order to regulate the market, a committee was set up by the country's Finance Ministry, which has been analyzing the cryptocurrency market, usage trends and the technology itself for few months. According to reports on leading media outlets...

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India Registers a Rise in Demand for Blockchain Courses and Experts No Comments

The blockchain segment in India is off to a good start. As more companies are looking forward to exploring the use of blockchain technology within their organizations, the demand for blockchain experts is on the rise. The trend, which until now was visible in the European and American markets has now made its way into the Indian job market as well. With blockchain and cryptocurrency technology ...

Coinsecure Has Big Plans For Bitcoin In India And Hires Elizabeth Ploshay McCauley. newsbtc

The Indian Government Still Undecided About Bitcoin’s Regulatory Status No Comments

India has emerged as a strong cryptocurrency market, thanks to increased adoption among the people in the past few months. It has also influenced the government to consider cryptocurrency regulations. Recently, an inter-ministerial committee was set up to explore the type of regulations that might be required to govern the use of cryptocurrencies within the country. As the committee continues t...

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Microsoft Azure Signs Up as Exclusive Cloud Service for Indian Blockchain Project No Comments

The Redmond-based tech giant, Microsoft is not new to blockchain technology. The company has been offering its Blockchain as a Service product to various blockchain initiatives for a while now. Recently, it has further expanded its reach in the Asian market by entering into an exclusive partnership with the Indian blockchain initiative for the banking sector. Earlier this year, few leading Indi...

Coinsecure Has Big Plans For Bitcoin In India And Hires Elizabeth Ploshay McCauley. newsbtc

The Present Scenario of Bitcoin Market in India No Comments

The Indian Bitcoin community, which initially had only a handful of people saw a sudden influx of new members following the government's overnight decision to demonetize certain high-value currency notes. With two of the largest denominations, INR 1000 and INR 500 losing their value, many people decided to minimize their dependency on the country' legal tender which is subject to the whims and fan...

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India Steps up Vigilance against Misuse of Bitcoin No Comments

The sudden growth of Bitcoin community in India accompanied by increasing price of the popular cryptocurrency has got the Indian Government taking extra precautions. According to reports on country's leading media outlets, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has decided to keep a close eye on companies dealing with Bitcoin to prevent fraud. The report suggests that it is not just the Bitcoin exch...

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Increased Bitcoin Demand from Asia Overloads Coinbase and Others No Comments

Coinbase has had few troubles in the past few days, thanks to increased demand for Bitcoin among the investor and cryptocurrency community. The outages experienced by the cryptocurrency trading and wallet platform has been attributed to massive demand for Bitcoin in the Asian countries, driving the price to unprecedented levels. Bitcoin has turned into an attractive financial asset since the be...

Around 2,500 People in India Are Investing In Bitcoin Every Single Day Despite RBI Warnings No Comments

India remains a critical region for Bitcoin adoption right now. Even though the local central bank advises consumers are cautious when dealing with Bitcoin, consumers are disregarding the warnings. In fact, it appears nearly 2,500 people invest in Bitcoin every single day. That is a rather surprising number, although it may only be a hint of things to come. Things are looking quite good for Bitcoi...

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India’s Kotak Mahindra Bank Implements Blockchain Solution No Comments

The Indian banking sector is excited about blockchain technology. Kotak Mahindra Bank has joined the growing list of banking institutions in the country which have started working on the implementation of blockchain technology. Kotak Mahindra Bank, a leading private sector bank in a country dominated by public banking institutions has today announced that it has piloted an end-to-end trade financi...