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Aigang – Blockchain Protocol Opens Platform Allowing to Claim Profits from Insurance Investments No Comments

September 13, 2017, Singapore – The leading blockchain protocol for digital insurance, Aigang has launched its insurance investment platform demo. The new investment platform invites people to contribute their testnet ETH to see the platform from investor's point of view. Currently, the platform allows claiming daily profits based on the invested amount (ROI). The insurance investment platfor...

NewsBTC Umbrella Coin Insurance

Umbrella Coin Aims to Democratize the Insurance Industry No Comments

Many different types of projects are being developed on top of the Ethereum blockchain as we speak. Umbrella Coin is one of those projects and it has a lot of potential. More specifically, the team is looking into providing the next generation insurance platform. Life will happen in one way or another and being prepared for the worst is never a bad idea. There will also be an ICO for Umbrella Coin...

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Indian Insurance Company Bajaj Allianz Speeds up Claims Process with Blockchain Tech No Comments

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, an Indian insurance major, has announced a successful implementation of blockchain technology into its operations. The new solution, targeting its travel and motor insurance products will speed up the claims settlement process. The announcement by Bajaj Allianz, a collaborative initiative between Indian auto major and German Insurance giant, comes weeks after Al...

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Japanese Merchants Might Soon Get Insurance Against Failed Bitcoin Transactions No Comments

Bitcoin has gained the status of a mainstream currency in Japan. The growth in adoption of a new mode of payment comes with its own set of challenges due to the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency. Merchants including Bitcoin as a method of payment are a bit apprehensive about possible failed transactions which might force them to incur losses. The leading Japanese Bitcoin exchange platf...

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AIG Issues Its First Insurance Policy on Blockchain No Comments

AIG, the multinational insurance provider, has announced its first blockchain based insurance policy, that was issued to UK's Standard Chartered Bank. The blockchain policy termed the “master policy” governs multiple policies for the bank's operations in various countries. The insurance sector has found that blockchain technology can offer them loads of benefits at a fraction of the cost. T...

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Japan’s Mitsui Sumitomo Introduces New Bitcoin Insurance No Comments

The cryptocurrency revolution is opening up new markets for conventional businesses as well. The insurance industry is one such sector that can capitalize on the increasing demand. Mitsui Sumitomo, the Japanese insurance major has announced its plans to offer a new product exclusively for the cryptocurrency sector. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world are under constant threat of ...


SafeShare Insurance over Blockchain for Shared Economy Businesses No Comments

The Blockchain technology is designed to be secure by default as it stores important cryptocurrency transaction data. The information stored on blockchain is responsible for the execution of transactions and prevention of double spending. The bitcoin blockchain is built around the SHA-256 cryptographic function to secure data. The open source nature of bitcoin technology has facilitated its a...

Global Finance Boss Highlights a Fundamental Necessity for Bitcoin Mainstream Adoption. newsbtc

Global Finance Boss Highlights a Fundamental Necessity for Bitcoin’s Mainstream Adoption No Comments

Putting bitcoin aside for a minute, he concept of financial security, and faithful transaction, is at the root of any stable monetary system. Mainstream adoption of anything, from credit and debit cards to online payment mechanisms such as PayPal and Skrill was reliant upon users feeling like they could send and receive money without fear of fraud, theft and data compromise. Of course, these thing...

Bitwala a bitcoin service to Take Care of Your Bills While Away from Home.

Bitwala Can Help You Pay Your Bills While Away from Home No Comments

Bitcoin knows no borders; transactions between geographical borders is the same as making a bitcoin transfer to someone sitting right next to you. There will be no difference in transaction fee or time required for execution of the transaction. This quality of bitcoin is a boon for people who regularly make overseas transfers, especially people employed in different countries who transfer funds ba...

Is Industry Ready to Insure Bitcoin Technology?

Bitcoin Insurance – Risk Is Always There to Stay No Comments

The London based insurance giant, Lloyd's has recently published a report on the risk factor associated with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The report titled “Bitcoin – Risk factors for insurance” provides a detailed description of different kinds of threats faced by Bitcoin. According to the company, the security risk associated with Bitcoin will never be reduced to zero. The Lloyd'...