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BitKan Launches a Bitcoin Cash OTC Trading Service Through Their Mobile App No Comments

One of the drawbacks about Bitcoin Cash is how OTC trading is still limited or non-existent. That is not entirely surprising, as the altcoin was only created a few weeks ago. Bitkan, a trading service provider, will launch their BCH OTC trading service. This feature will be available through their mobile app and should introduce more competitive exchange rates. It is an interesting idea, assuming ...

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Taurus Bitcoin Exchange To Become OTC Cryptocurrency Broker No Comments

Bitcoin exchanges are among the few companies who do not necessarily pivot their business model over time. Taurus, a company founded back in 2014, is doing something different, though. The company will steer away from professional day trading in favour of a more mainstream approach. A rather refreshing turn of events, as it goes to show mainstream users want easier access to cryptocurrency right n...

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Bitcoin Investment Trust Shows Remarkable Profit Growth No Comments

Whenever a company in the Bitcoin space reaches a significant milestone of investment, there are those who oppose the entire idea of using digital currency in the first place. Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCMKTS: GBTC) recently released some details on how they surpassed the US$65m mark regarding investments. Shortly afterwards, an article was posted on Seeking Alpha, mentioning how Bitcoin Investme...