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Mingo Announces Future Plans with Token Presale around the Corner No Comments

The days of mobile carrier Short Messaging Service is numbered as people have increasingly adopted instant messaging applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others. These services are cost effective, convenient and have loads of features. However, except for few test instances, none of them really allow people to securely and privately execute financial transactions. MINGO, the crypto...

PlusCoin, ICO

PlusCoin Is Going Global, DS Plus Announces ICO Starting September 10th. No Comments

Everywhere, PlusCoin is being called “the People’s Cryptocurrency.” A grassroots movement is rapidly taking form and cryptocurrency experts are taking note - PlusCoin is the first cryptocurrency average people actually want to own and to use. Why is this? Well, PlusCoin is fully integrated into the mobile marketplace of an already successful iOS and Android application, DS Plus. Holders o...


Micropayment Cryptocurrency NeuCoin Announces Presale No Comments

Ahead of its launch in July, NeuCoin announced the start of the presale of its 100 million cryptographic tokens from April 28th this year. According to the available reports, the NeuCoin cryptocurrency tokens will be available only in exchange of Bitcoins, and will cost an equivalent of $0.01 each unit, roughly equalling 1 BTC for the first 25 tokens. The price will increase by 1% with each pas...