Democratic Investment Platform SISA Announces Presale for October 20, 2017

SISA, a tech startup, has planned to launch a stable and transparent platform backed by Ethereum blockchain technology to pool investments. In this regard, the company has announced its tokens’ pre-sale date as October 20, 2017. The pre-sale will end on October 30.

The SISA Platform

The SISA platform has integrated blockchain technology into its platform to offer users a safe, transparent and a more democratic medium, by which they can back their investment pool funds. The platform pays attention to the issues associated with conventional investment pool funds, using Ethereum smart contracts.


SISA is a democratic, decentralized investment pool fund that offers investors numerous benefits including access to and diversification of investment opportunities that were previously couldn’t be gained due to capital restrictions. The platform uses a Democratic Pool Fund (DPF), giving each user a higher leverage while putting capital allocations under the control of the backers.

The platform implements a voting mechanism through which backers can vote for the companies and projects that should be considered by the fund. The pooling mechanism is executed via Ethereum smart contracts.

How it Works?

Token holders register themselves on SISA platform. Afterwards, backers propose feasible projects that can be funded. After receiving the recommendation, the team behind the platform analyzes and determines if the project fits the fund criteria for diversification and risk.

SISA analysts pass their decision to the platform backers, who in turn, vote to choose the project to back. SISA managers then make strategic investments into the most attractive idea. Stakeholders start building their awareness regarding the project while holding the accounts management team accountable for the decision.

The Dividend Policy

The company will distribute 70 percent of each quarter’s fund profit as dividends that token holders can withdraw via Ethereum smart contract.

Immanuel Anthony, the founder of SISA and a business expert, shares his views on how a decentralized and democratic fund tackles the critical issues associated with conventional pool investment funds by saying,

“The problem with traditional pool investment funds is that the fund managers hold all the power over the backers and there is a consistent lack of direct communication between entrepreneur and investor. We have designed a blockchain-based, democratic platform that eliminates these weaknesses but preserves the benefits that the traditional pool funds offer.”

The company plans to operate an additional fund that will be launched next year. It will be a non-tokenized fund, focusing on more traditional projects outside the blockchain space.

To know more about the platform and participate in its upcoming pre-sale, please visit


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Verif-y, the blockchain-based credential verification, and digital identity platform is delaying its main token sale in order to allow an extended pre-sale as it partners with HRworx.  HRworx, a veteran-owned company, provides employee lifecycle management solutions for many governmental departments including the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of the Interior. By partnering with Verif-y to integrate the company’s platform with its existing solutions, HRworx believes that it can enhance the services it already provides the U.S. government.

Taking out the middleman

The Verif-y platform reduces the overhead involved in verifying credentials and identities to near-zero as the platform provides automated verification of these important records. The strength of the digital identity generated by Verif-y’s process is powerful, given that the identity is generated in an organic manner – comprised of uniquely identifying data, stored on the blockchain and resulting in a new paradigm for securely storing, accessing and sharing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Verif-y gives its users the power to own, manage and communicate their digital identities and verified credentials, and gives organizations an interface and layer of trust to both distribute and request PII data. Importantly, with Verif-y, all communication of PII is exclusively governed by the users, something not available until now, cutting out intermediaries and providing advantages to both sides of the process.

‘Our Intelliworx Onboarding solution sets the standard for how onboarding new talent is handled. We’re excited to work with Verif-y, whose technology will revolutionize the hiring and onboarding process, and will provide exciting steps to further modernize HR administrative tasks.’

– Rob Hankey, CEO of HRworx

Confirmation of the market’s appetite for such a solution, and particularly interest from various government departments, has led Verif-y’s team to extend their pre-sale.

‘The Verif-y identity verification platform has broad applications across markets and various implementations; however, human resources, recruiting and on-boarding for the US government is a great place for us to focus many of our early efforts, as these areas are starving for modernization. Partnering with an established leader in the space like HRworx is an easy decision for us, and we’re eager to show off our synergies.’

– Ed Zabar, Founder and CEO of Verif-y

Verif-y and HRworx are working on several current and future opportunities and we expect the outcomes of such efforts to be announced in the near future.

The Verif-y platform has been available for nearly six months and is being actively used by multiple institutions and many individuals. Data and feedback collected during this initial collaboration will be analyzed by the company’s experienced management team and will inform forthcoming initiatives.

The token sale will begin on 25 October 2017. The presale is open now. For more information, visit

Viuly, a multimedia development company has recently announced its pre-ICO campaign, starting from October 10, 2017. The company is set to revolutionize the multi-billion-dollar online video market with the help of cryptocurrency technology. The blockchain based decentralized platform will reward users, authors, and advertisers equally while cutting off all middlemen and access related restrictions involved in between. Viuly is on the verge of becoming the first of its kind platform in the industry segment.

The Industry Scenario

Millions of people globally, watch and share videos online on mainstream hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube holds an impressive market share of over one-third of all online users. The video-sharing industry is a consumer-oriented market that keeps growing. As revealed by Cisco, video now accounts for two-thirds of total internet traffic. Forrester, a research firm, has also published its findings, estimating that a 1-minute long great video is worth over $1.8 million, in terms of marketing.

Online video advertising revenue is in billions of dollars. Centralized mainstream online video sharing platforms take a lion’s share of 50 to 60 percent of ad revenue, while authors earn least attractive sum for making videos and users get nothing.

How Viuly is the Solution?

Viuly believes in the creation of a blockchain based decentralized video sharing mechanism that is rewarding for all participants. Viuly pays 65 percent of ad revenues to the authors and 25 percent to the users. This is the first platform where users are paid to watch free of cost videos.

Due to decentralized nature, the platform doesn’t have any single point of failure. It has been developed on IPFS protocol, enabling saving of files in a distributed network without a shared control center. Users can use the additional space on their hard disk to save uploaded videos on Viuly and get VIU tokens in return.

Video uploaders can get 4 possible income streams. Content creators publish their free videos and get UIV tokens and 65 percent from ad revenue, sell premium content on a per-view basis and make their video channel subscription based where viewers can access the videos by paying VIU tokens. Viuly generates transparent, accurate and blockchain auditable viewer stats, which reduces fraudulent views/stats of videos. The decentralized platform ensures zero censorship, zero video blocking, and zero content restriction. For flagged content, moderators receive an alert. If a violation is detected, the video is deleted and the user rating will be downgraded.

The pre-ICO participants will get benefits such as 50 UIV tokens for signing up, 100 UIV for uploading the first video and 50 for referrals.

To know more about this platform and take part in its upcoming ICO, please visit

The pre-ICO of UTRUST has just ended, raining more than $3.5 million from early private investors. UTRUST, a blockchain payments platform, had also announced its early supporter reward for those who have registered on UTRUST website before September 20, 2017. The company presents the world’s first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment platform having consumer protections. The Early Supporter Reward by UTRUST has been announced as a token of gratitude to platform’s supporters.

Existing UTRUST’s registered users or those who have registered themselves on UTRUST website before September 20, 2017, will get a 20 percent reward on their first $10,000 investment during the crowdsale.

Nuno Correia, the CEO of UTRUST and Filipe Castro, the co-founder, also hosted a live video streaming AMA event held on September 15. In this event, both intellectuals responded to many queries and concerns from the community. This video can be accessed at Now the company has announced its public ICO, expected to start in early October. The company aims to bring a more equitable public ICO mechanism.

About UTRUST Platform

UTRUST is the world’s first cryptocurrency payment platform that implements consumer protection on a huge scale. The company has been developing a global PayPal-like payment mechanism having a massive cryptocurrency support.

The platform aims to offer all the advantages of secure, easy, fast and least expensive cryptocurrency transactions. With almost 2.5 billion unbanked population in rising markets yet to gain benefit from the financial inclusion, the UTRUST platform plans to develop a bridge for enabling them globally to access the world’s mainstream financial system.

About UTRUST ICO and Tokens

The funds raised in the ICO will be used to form major industry partnerships and to establish the platform. The tokens offered in the ICO are ERC20 compatible tokens that the company has created on Ethereum protocol. Users can use these tokens as a mode of payment over UTRUST platform, along with other cryptocurrencies. Merchants can also use these tokens for making zero fee payments, accepting any cryptocurrency over UTRUST platform. Users will also be able to trade these tokes on support exchanges in future.

To know more about UTRUST platform and participate in its upcoming ICO, please visit


Ahead of its launch in July, NeuCoin announced the start of the presale of its 100 million cryptographic tokens from April 28th this year.

According to the available reports, the NeuCoin cryptocurrency tokens will be available only in exchange of Bitcoins, and will cost an equivalent of $0.01 each unit, roughly equalling 1 BTC for the first 25 tokens. The price will increase by 1% with each passing day. The presale will conclude either upon the completion of 60 days, or by the time when the entire 100m units are sold.

At the time of launch, the total number of sold NeuCoin will constitute the primary market cap, which is expected to be near $1 million against the total $30 million worth total supply.

neucoin image cryptocurrency newsbtc

In order to preserve further trust, NeuCoin representatives have also announced to conduct the presale in escrow until an official launch has taken place. In case the launch doesn’t happen by September 30th, all the investments will be refunded back to their lawful owners. However in case of a successful launch, the funds will be routed towards three Isle of Man-based nonprofits — the NeuCoin Code, NeuCoin Growth and NeuCoin Utility Foundations — and, alongside the funds obtained from angel investors, will also be used to support future core development projects and marketing.

Also, the initial investments made by the angel investors will be sale-fixed for the next 5 years, a NeuCoin official told NewsBTC. “The NeuCoin presale price is only twice what founders and angel investors have paid,” she said. “This price difference comes from the fact that a) founders and strategic angels got in a lot earlier, and b) founders’ and angel investors’ price are restricted over 5 years, while presale coins are not.”

These angel investors include top executives from Facebook, Uber, Candy Crush, etc.

A Cryptocurrency for Micro Transactions

NeuCoin is still a name that needs some introduction before the cryptocurrency community. The soon-to-launch altcoin is the latest addition to an already-overpopulated sector, but still aims to stay unique in its own way, thanks to its distinctive aspiration of simplifying online micro transactions, where a majority of traditional payment methods fail.

You can read more about its technical features here.