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OCC Director Asks for Fair Bitcoin Regulation in US. newsbtc bitcoin regulation news.

Russian FinMin Not to Burden Bitcoin Sales in the Country No Comments

The future of Bitcoin in Russia seems brighter than usual, especially after the recent statement by Alexei Moiseev — the deputy minister of finance. According to Moiseev, The Russian Finance Ministry has completely dropped the idea of banning Bitcoin. Instead, the country will be implementing new cryptocurrency regulations to safeguard the interests of everyone involved. The regulations will not...

Russia to Host Bitcoin Conference in April. newsbtc

To Mine or Not to Mine, Russia’s Regulations Still Unclear No Comments

Russia recently announced its plans to assign a legal status to Bitcoin. While the cryptocurrency community rejoiced about the new developments, it is too soon to break out the champagne as Bitcoin mining can still be considered as a criminal offense, attracting jail time. Many people became aware of the scenario after the head of Russian Central Bank's cryptocurrency working group explained about...

Why Blockchain Will Power The Big Banks In 2016

Russian Political Party, Partiya Rosta Launches Blockchain-Based Social Project No Comments

Russia has emerged as one of the major markets for cryptocurrencies and blockchain products. Political bodies are now utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology in the country. Partiya Rosta is one such Russian political party which has created its own cryptocurrency solution to support social causes. True to its name Partiya Rosta, which stands for the “Party of Growth” has made use o...

NewsBTC-Russia-Bitcoin-legislation Central Bankers

One of Russia’s Central Bankers Claims Bitcoin Will Not Gain Legal Status By 2018 No Comments

A few days ago, news broke of Russia slowly taking a more positive stance toward bitcoin. It even seems bitcoin may gain legal status in the country. However, one of Russia’s central bankers is not convinced the outcome will be so positive. Legal recognition of cryptocurrency is not guaranteed, nor should anyone think otherwise. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are well aware Russia will not embra...

Can Bitcoin Revive the Economy in Crimea newsbtc opinion

Russia to Declare Bitcoin Legal, Introduce Regulations No Comments

Russia has recognized the increasing popularity of Bitcoin and its potential to solve a range of issues plaguing the current financial system. The country which has been against the use of cryptocurrency for transactions within the country is now planning to assign a legal status to the digital currency to pave the way for a more structured crypto-ecosystem in the country. Russia's move to reco...

NewsBTC Russia Bitcoin

Russia Finally Stops Opposing Bitcoin and Plans To Legitimize Cryptocurrency By 2018 No Comments

Russia is a country has never seen eye-to-eye with bitcoin up until now. Several legal proposals have been drafted which could have lead to jail time. Thankfully, it appears regulators have come to their senses, as bitcoin users in Russia no longer need to fear jail time. In fact, the country may turn bitcoin into a legitimate financial instrument as early as next year. This U-turn by Russian l...

Blockchain.info Growth

R3 Rejects Sberbank, Makes Difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain Solutions Evident No Comments

Financial institutions across the world are lining up to implement Bitcoin's underlying technology into their operations. The use of blockchain technology in the traditional financial system, mainly driven by the banks' need to evolve while facing competition from cryptocurrencies still doesn't solve the issues of centralization itself. It has been proven by the recent rejection of Russian Sberban...

NewsBTC Russia China Gold-backed Standard

China and Russia Strengthen Ties To Replace US Dollar With a Gold-backed Trading Standard No Comments

Russia and China have been in cahoots for quite some time now. Not only have both countries developed a payment network to rival SWIFT, they are also looking to rid of the US Dollar. A new alliance between both nations will focus on a gold-backed trading standard. Bypassing the US Dollar is quite an ambitious goal, but it is not entirely impossible either. A few weeks ago, the Russian Central B...

Blockchain between Europe and Asia. World-renowned blockchain experts will come to Moscow No Comments

On April 19, the most well-known global specialists in the sphere of blockchain technologies will come to Moscow. Together with Russian bankers and entrepreneurs they will discuss Russian and foreign blockchain projects in financial and non-financial spheres. The meeting will be driven by the annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia that features presentations from the representatives ...

NewsBTC Bitcoin UK Banks

Bitcoin Blockchain, a Successful Implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology No Comments

Blockchain technology was introduced to the world by the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Since then, various altcoin and blockchain platforms have cropped up claiming to solve a range of problems. These platforms have met limited success until now. However, when it comes to the use and application of the blockchain technology, Bitcoin still leads the way by working as advertised. The success o...