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Blockchain between Europe and Asia. World-renowned blockchain experts will come to Moscow No Comments

On April 19, the most well-known global specialists in the sphere of blockchain technologies will come to Moscow. Together with Russian bankers and entrepreneurs they will discuss Russian and foreign blockchain projects in financial and non-financial spheres. The meeting will be driven by the annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia that features presentations from the representatives ...

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Bitcoin Blockchain, a Successful Implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology No Comments

Blockchain technology was introduced to the world by the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Since then, various altcoin and blockchain platforms have cropped up claiming to solve a range of problems. These platforms have met limited success until now. However, when it comes to the use and application of the blockchain technology, Bitcoin still leads the way by working as advertised. The success o...

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Sberbank’s Head Predicts Large Scale Implementation of Blockchain in 2.5 Years No Comments

The Bitcoin industry in Russia is still uncertain about how the country's regulatory authorities may react at any time to cryptocurrency usage. But the Russian government agencies seem to have understood the potential of Bitcoin's underlying blockchain technology and are even working on it. The country's banking and financial sector has come together to create working groups and consortiums to ...

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The Growth of LocalBitcoins in Russia Is Simply Remarkable No Comments

It is remarkable to take a look at how the LocalBitcoins volume has evolved in Russia. Even though the country does not have the best of relationships with bitcoin, consumers are growing fond of the cryptocurrency. In fact, the volume on LocalBitcoins has grown spectacularly over the past few years. It will be interesting to see if this trend can continue, though. Compared to just a few years ...

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Russian Police Arrests 9 More Suspects In Ongoing Malware Gang Crackdown No Comments

Russia continues its crackdown against malware distributors and other criminals these days. It is good to see the Russian police focus their attention on where it really matters, rather than trying to oppose bitcoin. Another nine people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the widespread criminal gang activity. These arrests come on the heels of over four dozen prior arrests carried...

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Bitcoin May Become the Fall Guy in Ongoing US-Russia Tussle No Comments

The world has slowly slipped back into the Cold War era. Two global superpowers, the United States and Russia have been at loggerheads for the past couple of years. Unlike the earlier Cold War, this one has the Internet as an additional front. With both nations accusing each other of hacking into their IT infrastructure and disrupting their administration processes, innocent internet users may ...

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Official Document Confirms Bitcoin’s Legal Status in Russia No Comments

The Bitcoin situation in Russia has taken yet another dramatic turn. But contrary to what most people may expect, this is some positive news for a change. A new document has been released by the government which goes to show Bitcoin is, in fact, legal in the country. Although this change had been rumored for quite some time, the document makes it all official. This particular document is livi...

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Bitcoin Demand In Russia Continues To Grow Slowly No Comments

Bitcoin and Russia remain at odds with one another. The country is not too keen on embracing foreign currencies in general, and cryptocurrency is certainly not on their Christmas card list. However, the local population is showing an increasing demand for Bitcoin as of late. Do keep in mind this all needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as trading volumes remain very small. Compared to the pe...

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Russia’s NSD Extends Support to iCoinSoft Exchange Platform No Comments

The cryptocurrency ecosystem in Russia has probably grown accustomed to working amidst uncertainties surrounding digital currency regulations. Various government agencies have a different take on Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but the implementation of blockchain technology is being looked upon in a favorable light by all the agencies involved. Starting with the creation of a consortium ...

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WebMoney Offers Bitcoin Support to Fiat Purses No Comments

WebMoney, the Moscow-based Russian online payment solution platform has announced support for Bitcoin. The new feature enables merchants to accept Bitcoin payments from customers who are not signed up on WebMoney. The latest addition, which was launched by the company earlier this week, enables merchants that use “Merchant WebMoney” service to accept payments without having to go thro...