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NewsBTC SatoshiDice Scam Allegation

Has SatoshiDice Embezzled Money After Rebranding To MegaDice? No Comments

Bitcoin and gambling are two peas in the same pod. One of the more popular bitcoin gambling platforms goes by the name of SatoshiDice. However, it appears this service is no longer operational for some unknown reason. One user mentions how the platform also stole investor funds, although that's not been officially confirmed as of right now. It is never good to see platforms such as SatoshiDice...

vDice Brings SatoshiDice-Like Game for Ethereum Users No Comments

vDice is the first commercial, on blockchain, betting game for Ethereum. It’s a tribute to the super successful SatoshiDICE game; Bitcoin’s first big hit. In 2013 the game sold for over 100,000 Bitcoins (approx $100,000,000 on current rates). The creators have delivered a beautiful, working product. No doubt they hope to capitalise on that success. The game features Classic SatoshiDICE...