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Bitcoin Ecosystem in India Needs to Grow up, Big Time! No Comments

It is time for Bitcoin exchanges serving the Indian market to up their game or lose out on the little quorum of existing customer base. India is forecasted to be one of the largest Bitcoin markets in terms of potential. The country is still waking up to the Bitcoin revolution with a small percentage of population already using Bitcoin for transactions, remittances and also trading. Given a large p...

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Chicago Gets Its Own Bitcoin Center No Comments

The number of Bitcoin and Blockchain based start-ups are gradually increasing around the world. Blockchain technology has proven to be one of the most versatile technologies till date, which can disrupt the way a lot of industries currently work. Blockchain technology was originally created to act as a ledger for Bitcoin transactions across the network, but soon the technology was adopted for uses...

Bitcoin Start-ups Will Keep Growing, No Matter What’s Thrown at Them, entrepreneur

Bitcoin Start-ups Will Keep Growing, No Matter What’s Thrown at Them! No Comments

Gone were the days when business meant big corporations with lots of money and clout. The advent of internet and easy access to knowledge and technology has levelled the corporate playing field. People with entrepreneurial tendency are taking a bold step forward to start their own companies where they make ground breaking products. If you know about Uber, Airbnb even Facebook and Telegram messenge...