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TenX and MonaCo Move Closer to Issuing Their Ethereum & Bitcoin Debit Cards No Comments

The world of cryptocurrency debit cards is getting more competitive. Some new players have emerged with an ICO as of late. Both TenX and MonaCo will be making some significant waves in the coming months, by the look of things. Speaking of TenX, they are working on various improvements to make things more exciting for token holders. Storing these tokens on exchanges could prove to be a very bad ide...

Making any blockchain asset spendable instantly No Comments

The World Economic Forum is predicting that 10% of the global GDP will be stored on the blockchain in less than 10 years. In terms of today’s global GDP that would be $7.8 trillion worth of assets. Here a challenge arises: If the crypto community does not find a way to connect blockchains, these 7.8 trillion dollars will be dispersed in such a way, that its true value is a lot lower. TenX ...