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Tom Lee of FundStrat: Bitcoin’s Recent Pullback Can Be Easily Explained No Comments

Tom Lee has made no secret of his bullishness for Bitcoin. Back in October, which admittedly seems like forever ago in the crypto space, he explained to Business Insider a technique which his company had been using to predict price changes over time. Based on Metcalfe's law, Lee claims that he can use his equation to explain 94% of the price movement in Bitcoin: If you build a very simple model v...

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Tom Lee: Bullish for Bitcoin Investment Trust No Comments

Longtime Bitcoin bull and Wall Street strategist, Tom Lee, has stated that he believes the lone option for institutional investors wishing to get exposure to crypto by traditional means is hugely undervalued. For him, The Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) could raise some two and a half times from its current price of $679 to an impressive $2,540. This makes it an "attractive" buy. In a report fr...

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Tom Lee Feels Bitcoin Can Hit US$55,000 per BTC in the Near Future No Comments

Now is a good time as any to make a bold Bitcoin price prediction. Tom Lee, one of Wall Street's top strategists, did exactly that. In his opinion, Bitcoin will outshine gold in the next five years. Moreover, Lee sees the Bitcoin value surpass the US$20,000 mark with relative ease. It is even possible one BTC will be worth US$55,000 by 2022. Very interesting statements, to say the least. It is ...