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Bitcoin Ban in Mexico. newsbtc bitcoin news

The Wall between US and Mexico May Work out Well for Bitcoin No Comments

Cryptocurrencies may soon rule the United States - Mexico remittance market. As President Donald Trump reiterates his vision to build a wall between the two countries, United States may look for ways to recover a portion of expenses from Mexico either through increased taxes or remittance blockades. Mexico may not willingly bear its fair share of costs as it is not comfortable with the wall sep...

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Bitcoin Gets Bulls-Eye Painted on It, Thanks to Banks and Governments No Comments

Bitcoin, since its introduction in 2009 has come a long way to compete against US dollar and other prominent fiat currencies of the past. Banks and financial institutions who were the gatekeepers of everyone's wealth now feel threatened as they find themselves powerless in front of the new digital currency. Bitcoin is completely independent and pseudonymous, taking central bank and other governmen...

Bitcoin Advocacy Campaign To Open Peoples Minds. newsbtc bitcoin news

Bitcoin Advocacy Campaign To ‘Open’ People’s Minds No Comments

Genesis Mining, a leading cryptocurrency cloud mining provider, has launched a nationwide outdoor advertising campaign in the United States with the aim of raising awareness on the potential of digital currency Bitcoin, and what it is capable of providing to the world. The campaign was launched in Southern Florida, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, and Boston and in the next three months, ...

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Bitcoin Price at $300, Will It or Will It Not? 3 Comments

The past two weeks have been good for bitcoin. Thanks to various factors the price has been keeping its head above the $260 mark and fluctuating in the $270s until today. Today the price has broken the $280 ceiling to reach over $281. The considerably stable bitcoin price combined with the not so significant improvement in the world economy over the week has led to increased trading activity. O...

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United States Presidential Race and Bitcoin Credibility No Comments

The US presidential candidate Rick Perry seems to have won the votes of Bitcoin community by declaring his softer stance towards Bitcoin. In an interview with The New York Observer, he declared that he is in favor of relaxing regulations on bitcoin to an extent that it doesn't hamper innovation and allows smooth operation of legitimate digital currency based businesses. READ MORE: US Presidentia...

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San Diego to Havana via Airbitz — The First Bitcoin Transaction No Comments

Bitcoin is the digital currency of the people, irrespective of region, religion, sex or politics. The recent bitcoin transaction between the United States and Cuba has proven that bitcoin, true to its essence is indeed a global currency. The aforementioned transaction happened earlier this month after considerable improvements in the diplomatic relations between both the countries took place. Rep...

Bitcoin trademark rejected US

US Application for Bitcoin Trademark Turned Down No Comments

United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) recently rejected a patent application (Reg 86135516) for the trademark ‘Bitcoin’ filed by Urban Trend LLC, a Californian household product company. The motion came to rest as a part of default judgment, when Urban Trend failed to submit an answer to the patent’s opposer Russ Smith, the owner of Atlantic City Bitcoin, LLC and HELP.ORG LLC. I...