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Litecoin Association and Development Team Unveils Latest Roadmap No Comments

Te team behind the development of Litecoin, the first alternative cryptocurrency announced the latest roadmap concerning the improvement of the blockchain solution created by Charles Lee. Litecoin is well known for its similarity with Bitcoin. Litecoin was first created in 2011, since then the market capitalization has grown –totalling more than $200 million–. Litecoin is a 'fork' of the Bitc...

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Bitcoin Compact Block Relay is an Upgrade to Reduce Block’s Propagation Times No Comments

Bitcoin Core has published an FAQ section regarding the most recent Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP), we are talking about the BIP 152 named Compact Block Relay, the upgrade is poised to reduce the bandwidth and the time it takes for a block to propagate through the nodes across Bitcoin's network. The upgrade contains several techniques to decrease a block's propagation time across the net...