Apple App Store Removed The Tether App Without Further Explanation No Comments

The past few weeks have been quite problematic for the Tether project. Pegging digital currencies to a fixed US Dollar rate has proven to be quite challenging. Things only get worse when your banking partners no longer process transactions. It now turns out the Apple App store removed the platform's application briefly as well. Tether Continues The Uphill Battle Tether is starting to face a lot ...


Converting USDT to USD Is Subject to a 7% Premium Due to Tether’s Banking Woes No Comments

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be aware of the problems faced by Tether. The company provides digital tokens linked to their native fiat currency value. However, it appears this peg is no longer being maintained, at least where Tether USD - or USDT - is concerned. That is not a positive development by any means, as this situation needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Tether Ca...

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Tether.to Balance Sheet Unveils Large Discrepancy Between USDT and USD Reserves No Comments

Tether.to is a custodian service, priding itself upon being transparent at all times. To achieve this goal, the company makes their reserves balance sheet publicly available. It appears there is some cause for concern, though. Right now, there is a near-million dollar discrepancy between their fiat reserves and the number of tethers in circulation. A very unusual situation, that much is certain. ...