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Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago LogoTo celebrate the creation of 500,000 online wallets, will be giving away a pretty penny to some random, unsuspecting individual. That reward is 10 BTC, worth just over 2,000USD at the time of this writing. has confirmed the giveaway on both Facebook and Twitter, so we know this is for real. For that one person who ends up winning, that 10 BTC could be worth a whole lot more in a few years!

Original announcement: is about to reach 500,000 total wallets created, and we are extremely grateful to the bitcoin community for it’s continual support over the years. We would like to celebrate this important milestone by giving away 10 bitcoins to the lucky user who creates wallet 500K. The tricky part is we may never know who this person is because is designed with everyone’s anonymity in mind. We’ll only be able to get in contact with a wallet owner that verifies their email address, and they will still need to voluntarily provide us with their public wallet address. If that’s not wallet 500k, then we’ll go down the line until we find a winner we can contact.

It’s our mission to continue to build the most secure and private bitcoin wallet available, and our focus remains on giving users the best experience possible. From our team around the world, thank you from the bottom of our bitcoin hearts. Good luck!

Good luck out there!

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