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Coinkite Aims to Bring Bitcoin Payment POS Terminal to Retail

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 6 years ago

Coinkite Bitcoin Terminal

Bitcoin cryptobanking service Coinkite has today revealed a brand-spanking-new payment point-of-sale terminal that accepts, well, Bitcoin. Not only that, the terminal also accepts Litecoin as well.

It would like a traditional credit card terminal would, allowing customers to purchase goods without the need for a mobile phone or computer. A QR code reader reads Bitcoin addresses, and voila. The built-in receipt printer then prints QR codes and relevant transaction information. In addition, the terminal accepts Coinkite debit cards.

The device has Wi-Fi and world GSM connectivity built in, so it’ll work in many different settings, and always keeps the latest exchange rate, so nobody’s getting a bad deal.

With that, merchants looking to buy the terminal can pre-order now. The incentive is that there’s a discounted price for now.

Read more about the terminal here.

Via: Reddit and image courtesy: Coinkite

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