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Obama Once Asked Google CEO Eric Schmidt Bitcoin Was Something Worry

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 6 years ago

Here’s an interesting little anecdote that’s come from a USA Today report via Reddit. Reporter Michael Wolff says that he was recently told a story at a White House dinner that involves President Obama and Bitcoins.

In an apparent meeting with then Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the President asked if Bitcoin was something that ought to be on his radar:

“The president, whose most important job is surely to protect the integrity of the monetary system, smugly asked Schmidt if Bitcoin, one of many growing challenges to currency hegemony, was anything he had to worry about,” writes Wolff.

It’s perhaps a frustrating tale here, because it’s likely that the President and his administration see Bitcoin as an enemy in some form or another.

No word on what Schmidt’s reply was, but he first learned of the cryptocurrency during a meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. You can read the transcript of that conversation here (you may want to CTRL-F and search for Bitcoin).

With that, what do you think Obama’s view on Bitcoin is?


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