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Fidelity Investments Now Allowing Clients to Put Bitcoin in IRAs

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 6 years ago

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In what could potentially be great news for the bitcoin community, Fidelity Investments is now allowing their clients to put bitcoin amounts toward their IRAs. The move is made possible with a partnership with SecondMarket’s Bitcoin Investment Trust, a bitcoin-only trust that came to be in September with over $60 million USD in assets.

“If you are a Fidelity client, you can now invest in the Bitcoin Investment Trust through an IRA,” said SecondMarket head honcho Barry Silbert. It should be known that this opportunity is only available to accredited investors.

Bitcoin has become a point of interest for individuals who hope the value will increase dramatically in the years to come. So far, this year, the bitcoin community has seen amazing growth. Whether or not that will continue into the future is anyone’s guess.

For now, this is most certainly welcomed news. (via MarketWatch)

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