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1 Percent of Surveyed Dutch People Claim to Own Bitcoin

Bitcoin Small LogoIn an over-the-internet study conducted with 1,000 individuals, statistics have come forth that peg 1 percent of the Dutch population as owners of bitcoin. In case you’re having trouble with your maths, that would be 10 people.

More on the sample. These individuals who were most familiar with bitcoin were of 3 municipalities, between the age  of 25 and 34, and mostly male.

Further, a whopping 75 percent have previously heard of bitcoin, and 3 percent of those surveyed say they think bitcoin will replace today’s currency as we know it.

This study, in no way, should be representative of the entire Dutch population, however. With a population of nearly 17 million, 1,000 people is hardly a reliable sample size. (via Multiscope)


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