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Canadian Company Seeks to Bring SolarMiner USB2 to Market

Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago

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The main caveat to mining is the associated cost of electricity. But a newly-formed company from Ottawa, Canada is seeking to resolve that by introducing a little something they call SolarMiner USB2 — a power cell fueled by the sun.

Coming in at $899.95 USD, this device sports 16 USB 2.0 ports to allow for the plugging in of mining devices, three solar panels, and 60,000mAh capacity batteries.

Fourteen of the sixteen USB 2.0 ports have 5V 500mA power, which a maximum current draw of 2A each. The other two ports have 5v 300mA, to allow for cooling devices to be plugged in.

Compatible devices include TerraHash (4.5 GH/s) Modular, BlueFury (2.7GH/s), and other devices powered by USB 2.0.

The people behind this device say they will be launching their website in January, so if you’re looking for more information, you can find it in this post on Bitcointalk.

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